Attorney General Candidate Letitia “Tish” James Hosts Gun Violence Prevention Roundtable on Long Island

Attorney General Candidate Letitia “Tish” James Hosts Gun Violence Prevention Roundtable on Long Island

(Photo: Twitter @TishJames)

NEW YORK — In her first visit to Long Island after winning the Democratic Primary for Attorney General on September 13th, Democratic Attorney General Nominee Letitia “Tish” James today hosted a gun violence prevention roundtable in Mineola with elected officials and key representatives from gun control advocacy organizations.

“Across the country and throughout our state, gun violence is cutting too many lives short. Every year, more than 900 New Yorkers are killed by guns — and we need new strategies to bring that number down. As Attorney General, I will stand up the NRA, ramp up enforcement of existing gun laws, pass gun reforms, and and investigate the financial backers of gun violence. And I will work with leaders from across the state to save lives, from Bethpage to Buffalo,” said Democratic Attorney General Nominee Letitia “Tish” James.

She was joined at the roundtable by Nassau County Executive Laura Curran, State Senator John Brooks, Assemblymembers Kimberly Jean-Pierre and Charles Lavine, and representatives from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the March for Our Lives, Long Islanders for Gun Safety, the Nassau Chapter of the National Organization of Women (NOW), and the American Pakistani Public Affairs Committee, among others.

During the roundtable, Tish James spoke about her plan to use the powers of the Attorney General’s Office to tackle gun violence. Her proposals include:

  • Taking on the NRA — Vigorously defending the State’s right to bar NRA-associated insurers from indemnifying gun violence and using the Attorney General’s broad powers to regulate charities to investigate the legitimacy of the National Rifle Association’s claims to be a charitable institution.
  • Rigorously Enforce Bullet Background Checks and Licensing Laws — Enforcing prohibitions against the illegal sale of  firearms, ramping up enforcement of bullet background checks, and launching an antitrust investigation into the coordinated suppression of life-saving technologies.
  • Investigating the financial backing of gun violence — Going after gun companies that deceive their shareholders by failing to disclose risks and investigating deceptive and illegal practices in the sale of securities.
  • Using new strategies to tackle interstate gun trafficking — Creating a new coalition model to take on interstate gun trafficking via the Iron Pipeline, including working with coalition partners to create model background checks and anti-straw purchaser laws and building a network of prosecutors and law enforcement agencies dedicated to working together to stop the flow of illegal guns.
  • Take Legal Action to Prevent the spread of guns through unchecked online sales — Joining new litigation to prevent the release of online plans for “ghost guns” that can be created by anyone with a 3-D printer.

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