Casilda Elena Roper-Simpson and the Civil Court Judge Vacancy

Casilda Elena Roper-Simpson and the Civil Court Judge Vacancy

By: Diana Bracho, Esq.

Presently, I would presume that most Americans know the importance of voting, considering the 2020 presidential election had the highest participation record ever recorded. Nevertheless, I would also speculate that most Americans do not know the importance of voting for their local civil court judges, especially in New York, where they can be elected to a civil court position yet sit in a family court position. The New York civil court judge position’s nuances are not frequently advertised, but the information is available on the website. Unlike presidents, senators, Councilmen, and Mayors, civil court judges have the authority to order citizens to pay, or not pay, a disputed debt. Civil court Judges also decide contract disputes, foreclosures, and real property matters under $25,000.00, which accounts for 25% of cases heard in New York. Moreover, in New York, when a person is elected to a civil court judge position, they may also hear cases in Criminal and Family courts. To be clear, the person that is elected as a civil court judge in Brooklyn may also decide your freedom, child custody, and child support matters. Thus, Brooklynites must elect the most qualified person for this highly sensitive position. Casilda Elena Roper-Simpson is a highly qualified woman. Casilda runs to serve Brooklyn as its civil court judge in the Primary, June 22, 2020, and the general election, November 2021. Judge Roper-Simpson is currently an Administrative Law Judge at a Public Service Agency in NYS. Judge Roper-Simpson is running for the opportunity to serve Brooklyn as a civil court judge since it is a critical position that many people are not qualified. Still, Casilda Elena Roper-Simpson is more than highly qualified to decide on all matters assigned to her in this position. 

Listen to an interview with Casilda Elena Roper-Simpson – Candidate for Kings County Civil Court Judge below:

What qualifications does Casilda possess to serve as a civil court judge in Brooklyn? Judge Roper-Simpson has over 30 years of experience as an attorney in New York. She graduated from Brooklyn Law School in 1987. She has since argued hundreds of cases in Federal and State courts. Judge Roper-Simpson specializes in various legal fields, including criminal defense, personal injury, civil rights, family law, civil litigation, landlord/tenant disputes, labor/employment, and immigration. She is a Brooklyn native, and her parents immigrated from Panama, which means she has the personal knowledge of the issues that many Brooklynites face daily. Moreover, Judge Roper-Simpson is a mother and grandmother, which means she has a real-world understanding of the many challenges that families face daily. 

Vote for Casilda Elena Roper-Simpson in the 2021 civil court judge elections. 

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