Dramatic Increase in the Price of Roland Ramen

Dramatic Increase in the Price of Roland Ramen

Statement from Massy Stores

As a direct result of an over 100% increase in the cost of Roland Ramen from our supplier, the price of this item has been increased. We regret the significant increase in the price of this brand of Ramen, however this situation is beyond our control.

Currently Roland is the only brand of RAMEN available at Massy Stores SLU, as we are out of stock on all the other brands of RAMEN (including Budget and Pampa). This out of stock is due to ongoing shipping delays, manufacturer issues and the global increase in oil and freight costs; all of which are compounded by global logistic issues. Retailers across the globe continue to face a rapidly changing cost environment, with mounting supplier price increases across various product categories, including basic and essential items. In the midst of these challenges, Massy Stores SLU remains committed to ensuring that there is sufficient food in the country and on our supermarket shelves to help feed the nation.

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