Five year-old-author Writes 3 Books During the Pandemic

Five year-old-author Writes 3 Books During the Pandemic

NEW YORK CITY – 5-year-old author and artist Egypt Bush is a New Yorker with Trinidad heritage. Due to the pandemic, her weekly trips to the library for bedtime storybooks stopped. After reading the same books over and over, Egypt’s dad asked her to come up with her own bedtime stories.

Not one to back down from a challenge, this talented little girl with a vivid imagination came up with Egypt’s Everyday Superheroes series. Her stories Superhero Town, Superhero Family and Superhero School, were so beautiful and inspiring, her parents wanted kids around the globe to read them.

These books are just the first in a series of books that Egypt cannot wait to share with everyone. “I hope they enjoy reading my books,” said Egypt Bush. “I want them all to be superheroes.”

Egypt may be little, but she did something big and amazing, that will inspire generations to come.

In the first book in Egypt’s Everyday Superheroes: Superhero town through the use of colorful illustrations, Egypt gives readers a look at coronavirus through her little eyes. In this empowering book, we see everyday people turning into superheroes during this pandemic.

Egypt is back in an all-new adventure in the second book in her Everyday Superheroes series. Superhero Family is a fun, imaginative story about unexpected heroes in your everyday world.

The third book in the series introduces readers once again to Egypt, a curious little girl. This beautifully colored illustrative book delivers a fun and exciting tool to teach children about different school subjects and careers.

To complete her series, she recently released a coloring and activity book that is based on the characters of her books. 

All four books are currently available on Amazon and Kindle. For more information or to learn more about Egypt and her books, follow her social media channels @beingegypt on Instagram and Facebook.

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