From the Assembly Chambers to Borough Hall: I’m Here For You In a Different Way

From the Assembly Chambers to Borough Hall: I’m Here For You In a Different Way
To My Extended Family of the 43rd Assembly District (Constituents of Crown Heights, Prospect Lefferts Garden, East Flatbush and Wingate)
I write this letter to you today with bittersweet news that I want you to hear from me directly: After six years serving as your Assemblywoman, I will be leaving this role to serve you in a different way; as Brooklyn’s next Deputy Borough President. 
It has been a deep honor to represent the 43rd Assembly District, a vibrant community that has raised me, with its own distinct presence, so rich in culture, and an unyielding spirit like no other. Your willingness to take a chance on my leadership means the world to me and the bond we have built has been incredibly special. I will be the first to admit I am not like the traditional elected official — I am shaped differently and move through political spaces in my own way, yet I am so grateful for your ongoing commitment and support over the years.
When I ran for Assembly in 2015, I knew I wanted to serve the community, I knew I wanted to impart change and I knew I wanted to make a real difference. Through my years of service I have learned so much — I now have a stronger understanding of the interconnectivity of people and government. I have advocated for this community with clean hands and a clean heart, with everything I have inside of me, but I believe that there is more my destiny has in store for me – not only for Central Brooklyn but for the entire Borough, and I hope you continue this journey with me.
When I look back and think on all of the things we have been able to accomplish during my tenure as a state legislator, I feel a sense of pride. Together, we got 15 laws signed by the governor, a tremendous feat, and remember all of this happened because of you:
Assembly Committees
Assembly Membership Committees: Chair of the Commission on Government Administration, Chair of the Subcommittee on Gun-violence & Violence Prevention – BPHA Caucus, Member of Committee on Banks, Member of the Committee on Corporations, Authorities & Commissions, Member of the Committee on Education, Member of the Committee on Labor, Member of the Committee on Mental Health, Member of the Committee on Small Business, Member of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Asian Legislative Caucus, Member of the Legislative Women’s Caucus & Member of the Taskforce on Women’s Issues.
Community Violence Intervention
Co Championed the 2021 Community Violence Intervention Act-A5505 (Richardson). This trailblazing piece of legislation was the first in the nation to be enacted. It proclaimed gun violence a public health issue while creating a dedicated funding stream for hospital based and community based violence prevention programs. 
Rent Laws
Richardson championed the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 – Inclusion of A6465 (Richardson) – Repeals provisions of law relating to individual apartment improvement rent increases.
Criminal Justice & Gun Violence 
Developed the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic & Asian Legislative Caucus 2021 Gun Violence Legislative Package, where 8 bills passed including the Passage of A7243 (Richardson) – Requires the division of criminal justice services to publish quarterly reports providing information related to firearms, rifles and shotguns used in the commission of crimes in the state of New York & A7957 (Richardson) – Authorizes the court to order the search and seizure of firearms in connection with an order of protection. Sponsor of Resolution Proclaiming June as Gun Violence Awareness Month in the New York State Assembly
Sponsor of Resolution Proclaiming June 4th as National Gun Violence Awareness Day in New York State
Co Championed the 2020 Police Accountability Legislative Package – Inclusion of A1531 (Richardson) Reporting of non emergency incidents.
Additionally, Richardson delivered millions of dollars in aid to the public schools in her district—funding capital and technology improvements, and advocating for civic education.
In The Community
· Brought a sense of pride back to the community
·Empowered community residents through civic education
·Empowered Community residents to elevate their voices and advocate for themselves
-Thousands of cases and issues resolved
Considering all that we have accomplished together, the memories we have formed and shared together have formed a special place in my heart including, the block parties, faith services, senior events, and community activities. I appreciate our endless conversations talking out ways to solve problems, and our ability to learn from one another, and to grow from both our differences and the commonalities we share.  
The connection I have to my district is very deep, and I know that many of you may be saddened by this news. Please know, that I do not make the decision to transition to this new role lightly. It is important that I remind you that there was a time when I was unknown to many and yet our partnership flourished and became strong.
I look forward to working alongside Borough President Antonio Reynoso to continue to uplift our communities and build a stronger Brooklyn for all of us. I am not leaving you – I am still here and will now serve you in a different way, from a different seat and at a different angle. While I will go on to serve the entire Borough, never forget that I am your neighbor and your ally. Leadership is visible, and you will never have to look hard to find me.
 You will hear from me in the coming days. 
Onward and Upward because in unity there is strength, 
Forever Your Favorite Assemblywoman Diana C. Richardson

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