How to Be a Business Rockstar!

How to Be a Business Rockstar!

By Tarsha Gibbons

Hello. I’m Tarsha Gibbons, your lead stylist for everything fashion, color, and fun. Today let’s talk about getting ready for that business meeting or interview. I know that business casual is a thing, but to be a Rockstar, let’s stay more on the business side. These tips are mainly for my millennial peeps and some of my other folks that may have relaxed their Boss look for a moment. Job search is currently high, and you must ensure that you stand out from the competition.

Did you know that most people make their opinion of you within the first 3 seconds of meeting you? Well, they do. You never have to open your mouth, and they have concluded the value that you can bring. We all do it! It shows in our body language and level of energy we put into a conversation. Now that you know the other 3-second rule (not picking the cookie up off the floor) let’s ace this meeting/interview with these winning tips. 

  1. Accessories are your friend when used correctly. They can enhance your outfit immediately. To keep the eyes of anyone that is speaking to you targeted to your face, you can wear a statement necklace, bold colored or nicely printed tie, pull your hair back, or wear a pretty hairpin.  
  2. Always go to the bathroom before the meeting/interview to check yourself out. Check your hair, teeth, underarms for sweat, reapply lipstick, put on Chapstick for the guys, a little breath spray, and lastly, check your nails for any hanging nails or unruly cuticles. I do not have to tell you your nails should be clean, right? Great moving on 😊 
  3. Wear comfortable and clean shoes. Walking in like you are on a tight rope makes everyone uncomfortable. We have all seen this, and it is not pretty. Lol!
  4. Solid colors make it easier for the people you are talking with to focus, and because of the setting, it makes you seem well put together. Think about the accessory on the solid background. 
  5. Clean smelling perfume or cologne worn as an accent of smell is always the best way to go. 

When you look great and feel great, your confidence shines through. Isn’t that what we want? You are on the countdown…3, 2, 1. Friends, ROCK YOUR DAY!! Until next time. 


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