How to Look Good – All the Time!

How to Look Good – All the Time!

Psst! Hello, I am Tarsha Gibbons, your lead stylist for everything fashion, color, and fun. Today let’s talk about using tailor services. I know some of you are like, what do I need that? Can I propose to you that it will forever change how you buy clothes? All of us have things in our closet that are too big or just do not fit quite right, but we keep holding on to it. Just like you take your car to the mechanic to get fixed, you take your clothes to the tailor. We usually think this looks alright, and it is okay, I just need a belt, I need to get higher heels…etc. No! That stops today.

All these things are fixable. I want you to take out those too big and do not quite fit-right clothes and decide you will give them a new life. Take them to the tailor. Get the waist taken in, hem the pants, take in the sides of that dress or blazer. You will be amazed when you put that article of clothing back on. It enhances your overall look; it makes your clothing look expensive, it gives your body shape, and you will get noticed. Have you ever seen people dressed and think to yourself, Wow! They look good. The secret is the tailor. Now that we have taken care of what is in your closet. Let us move on to when you go shopping.

The rule of thumb is always fit the biggest part of your body and tailor the rest. Do not let that little number or letter in the back of the clothing discourage you. Get the size that fits knowing that you can fix the rest. This is how the tailor came to be my best friend on speed dial on my phone. I have a smaller waist and bigger hips, so; you already know the issues. Oh, why can’t I just find jeans that fit? Why is this dress so loose on top and tight on the bottom? Whatever your issue is, go into these stores with confidence because your objective is to look great. You now have a secret weapon. Watch out…Average has left the building. Amazing is coming to theater near you. Friends go ROCK YOUR DAY!! Until next time.


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