It’s in the Hair

It’s in the Hair

By Tarsha Gibbons

Hi. I’m Tarsha Gibbons, your lead stylist for everything fashion, color, and fun. Today let’s talk about the holiday parties that are coming up. Please keep COVID-19 guidelines in mind. It can be such a difficult time because you want to look fantastic and not break the bank. What is a woman to do? You do find a cute black dress if you do not already have one in your closet. Next, map out the parties and who is going to be there. You can get away with wearing this dress at least twice if you know the people who will be at each party. It will save you in excess shopping because you are going to recycle that dress. Want to know how? Change your HAIR!!  That will be a game-changer for you. Most women only change the accessories, but the hair will make the most difference. You know why because it causes people to focus on your face and not the dress. 

I have done this so many times, and it makes me giggle inside while feeling super smart. 

Do you know what else works wonders if you can’t change your hair? Sparkle. If you put on pretty hair accessories with rhinestones or a sequin jacket, you will get noticed for all the right reasons. The key to this working is the same as the hair. It keeps the focal point up around your face. Want to try it out? Get dressed and put your hair in 3 different styles, add some bling to your hair, or neckline, then try it with a stylish blazer and a rhinestone pendant. Do you love yourself right now? Should you be? The possibilities are endless. It now becomes a game to see how many outfits you can create with the dress, and no one is the wiser. 

Enjoy your holidays and look fabulous without the hefty price tag. Who is the smart woman this holiday season? YOU! Until next time friends 😊

Tarsha Gibbons

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