It’s Time for a Girls’ Trip

It’s Time for a Girls’ Trip

By Victoria Falk

Call your friends and pack your bags, because it’s time to go. Yes, it’s time to go on a girls’ trip. There are multiple benefits of taking a vacation, and even more when you’re traveling with friends.

The social benefits of taking a vacation are huge. As you’re exploring new and fabulous travel destinations, you are gaining experiences that make you more attractive. While on vacation, people tend to be happier and more willing to talk to new people. As we’re interacting with others during new, shared experiences, we can improve social and communication skills. Learning about other people on vacation, particularly people of different cultures, helps us to gain understanding and tolerance for others.

The benefits of taking a vacation are multiplied when you’re traveling with friends. If your group is large enough, according to travel industry standards, you and your friends may qualify for a group discount, with a payment plan. Thus, making it easier and more affordable for each person to pay for the trip. 

While on vacation, the friend-group provides safety. There’s safety in numbers as the locals see you have people traveling with you, who are looking out for your safety. Your friends also keep you safe from yourself and potentially dangerous choices that you may make while on vacation. A good friend will tell you when you’ve had too much alcohol for the night. A good friend will tell you not to leave the safety of the tourist area, to go off with the handsome stranger.

Friends also provide positive peer pressure. They encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and experience new things. While you’re enjoying life and fabulous vacation experiences together, the bonds of friendship are being strengthened. So call your sister, cousin, auntie, and all your female friends, to encourage them to join you on the next girls’ trip. But don’t worry if you’ve lost contact with your friends and don’t have much family to travel with you. A girls’ trip is a great way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

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