Looking Your Best When You Are Not Feeling Your Best

By Tarsha Gibbons

This is Tarsha Gibbons, your lead stylist for everything fashion, color and fun. Today let’s talk about how to look your best even when you are not feeling your best. Ladies a quick tip that will take you less than 5 minutes. Grab the mascara and a great lip gloss. The mascara will open your eyes and make you look alert. The lip gloss if a nice peachy pink will add color to your face. Viola! You are all ready to start the day. Now if you have time add some concealer under those eyes to add extra umph! For my guy friends shave and moisturize your face. Also, if you smell great, even better. Choose a scent that smells fresh and clean; it will make you feel more energized.

Now for the clothing. Stay away from anything tight or fussy. It will reinforce your bad feelings. Now you are frustrated and uncomfortable. Choose pieces that are easy to wear that make you feel beautiful or handsome. Then take it to the next level and make sure it is in a rich color. Color plays such a huge role in our everyday life. That is because color brings out emotions.

You know why this works? Because colors change your emotions and perceptions. You ever see a woman in bright red lipstick? Think about some of the thoughts that cross your mind when you see her. Now picture her in a red form fitting suit with black patent leather pumps. See how that takes you to an entirely different place? That is the beauty of color; it can lift you mood, help you to feel confident, playful, relaxed and a host of other things.

So the moral of the story when you are not feeling your best, brighten up your face first and then choose a great piece of clothing in a fabulous color and go ROCK YOUR DAY!

Until next time friends!


Tarsha Gibbons is an Image Consult and Stylist and the owner of TG Image and Style Consulting firm which has been servicing clients for the last 12 years. She works with individuals to help them increase their marketability through visual perception while transitioning into a new career or current profession.

Tarsha also volunteers her services for local organizations such as Dress for Success, New American Chamber of Commerce and New Rochelle Etiquette Group.


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