Mayoral Elections 2021 Endorsements

Mayoral Elections 2021 Endorsements

Brooklyn, NY Caribbean American Weekly polled its readership and the following three candidates secured the highest percentages, named here in alphabetical order: Eric Adams, Kathryn Garcia and Maya Wiley. This year’s election is rank choice voting, and you can select up to 5 candidates. Vote these three candidates accordingly. The issues of concerns for our communities are: 

  • Voting Rights for Green Card holders in Municipal Elections 
  • Desegregation of and Proper Funding of NYC Public Schools 
  • The disparity in health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, and  recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Public safety and protection from law enforcement in terms of stop-and-frisk
  • Creation of jobs and support and opportunities for minority businesses 

Based on our interviews and observations of the candidates throughout the campaign  process, we agree with our readership and support the candidates mentioned above. Here are snippets of our endorsements. Full stories can be read by clicking here. You can also listen to interviews at 

Photo: Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley holds a press conference to announce Universal Health Coverage Plan at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx.

Maya Wiley 

Maya Wiley has shown herself to be a principled, bold, progressive, and visionary leader. A mom and civil rights lawyer, Ms. Wiley is seeking to become the first woman and first  woman of color to the mayor of NYC. Wiley is confident she can function well as the next Mayor of New York City and get New Yorkers’ results. 


The Best Man for the Job May be a Woman. A Leader Like Never Before: Maya Wiley Is Ready to be the Next Mayor of New York City

During our interview, she pledged her support for the black, brown, and immigrant communities and promised to treat these communities with the respect and dignity that is  not always forthcoming. “For me, the issues that our immigrant brothers and sisters face are central to the things that we must fix so this is a city we can all live in with dignity. That  means that our people: the Caribbean Diaspora, who are our residents, our people, whether  they have documentation or not, are contributing to this City, are our essential workers, are  paying taxes, and deserve the full recognition of the city government for what they add to  communities. For me, that includes making sure immigrants can vote in municipal elections  exactly as that used to happen in our school board elections. I support that because we need to have a vote to have a voice, and anyone who is building communities in this City and being part of our solution has to have a voice.” 

Listen to an interview with Maya Wiley on “Running for Mayor of NYC” below:

Photo: Kathryn Garcia receives endorsement from Liz Abzug.

Kathryn Garcia 

Kathryn Garcia is known as a no-nonsense and no-frills manager who believes in and gets  the job done. She comes up with a plan and executes it to detail and perfection. Ms. Garcia is  looking to bring to the mayoral position over 14 years of government experience. Garcia is  an individual that epitomizes the New York spirit – progressive, optimistic, strong,  energetic, defying yet stable and welcoming—bidding to lead a city formed from the  amalgamation of a variety of cultures and people from around the world, who arrive the  City in search of a better life. 


Kathryn Garcia and the Plan to Become New York City’s Mayor

During her interview, Garcia emphasized: “A plan for small businesses to reopen and stay  open, and a green future. We have lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, and we need them to  come back. That means supporting small businesses, giving them access to public space for  arts, culture, restaurants. I know that they need support. We need to make sure they are  getting low-interest loans from the City, that they also are not being subjected to the City’s  fines and fees.” 

She strongly believes in improved community policing, which drives down crime yet  restores community trust in the City’s law enforcement agency. “They need to not over  enforce on a community just because of how they look,” Garcia says. “Those that do treat  people differently based on the color of their skin need to be held accountable.” 

Listen to an interview with with Kathryn Garcia on “Running for Mayor of NYC” below:

Photo: Eric Adams speaks during Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr endorsement of his bid for mayor in the Bronx.

Eric Adams 

Eric Adams has a story that many New Yorkers can relate to born in poverty, beaten at the  hands of the police, and rising from the ashes to be a proud son and productive member of  society. Adams’ determination to be beaten by the police to become one and rise through  the ranks shows his determination and focus. He has enjoyed a successful public career  moving from State Senator to Brooklyn Borough President and now leading candidate for  NYC Mayor. Adams has shown a strong commitment to addressing the issues of crime and  gun violence. His passion and advocacy for health is his legacy as Brooklyn Borough’s President. 

In a recent Town Hall meeting with the Ethnic Press media, when Caribbean American Weekly asked about advocating and supporting voting rights for Green Card holders in  municipal elections, Adams said, “Yes. During the pandemic, I saw immigrants at the  forefront, keeping the city moving. The basic foundation of this country is taxation with  representation. Permanent residents should have representation as they are paying taxes. I  definitely support voting rights for Green Card holders in municipal elections. “He also  promised to create “WeRISE” agenda to raise immigrant safety and empowerment. Adams  said, “My administration will lift up immigrants as high as Lady Liberty lifts her torch in our harbor, as a beacon of hope to all who come to our shores…. We will ensure that  together WeRise.”

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