Meet Your Mayor: Find the Candidates Who Say They’ll Build the Future NYC You Want

Meet Your Mayor: Find the Candidates Who Say They’ll Build the Future NYC You Want

NYC Mayoral candidate calls on the MTA to grant New Yorkers a “Fare Holiday” starting on Friday May 28th Memorial Day Weekend. (Shutterstock)

By Ann Choi, Will Welch, Mónica Cordero and Alyssa Katz, THE CITY

Voters heading to the polls or the mailbox in June to cast ballots in primaries for New York City mayor will be choosing among a vast array of candidates, platforms and promises. For the first time, voters will also have the opportunity to list up to five selections in order of preference, a process known as ranked choice voting.

To help voters navigate options, THE CITY has created Meet Your Mayor, which shows you how the candidates’ stands fit with your take on the issues that matter most to New Yorkers.

Here’s what to do: You answer a few short multiple choice questions on some of the most pressing matters facing the city — from COVID recovery to public school admissions to NYPD discipline and much more.

The major candidates have already answered the same questions.

Voila: Meet Your Mayor will reveal your best match or matches among the candidates, along with glimpses of how they say they will govern, via excerpts from their public comments. And you can share the results, if you like.


We’ll be adding new topics on a regular basis before voting begins, so keep checking back for the latest. Then — drumroll, please — the Meet Your Mayor season finale will round up highlights from every topic and reveal the candidates who most closely fit with your vision of our city’s future.

Find your matches:

A few notes about how this works

  • THE CITY selected candidates based on criteria that included fundraising, forum participation and media coverage — reviewing dozens of events, scouring financial records, and reviewing news stories and interviews. More candidates have registered to run, and until the ballots are set the city Board of Elections, the roster of candidates will not be final. Here’s the full list of candidates who have registered with the NYC Campaign Finance Board, along with links to their websites.
  • Candidates may exit the race before the finish line. Dropped-out candidates will still show up in Meet Your Mayor — but marked as out of the running.
  • Unlike actual New York City mayoral primaries, Meet Your Mayor is nonpartisan, including both Democratic and Republican candidates. While it is now too late to switch party registration if you are already enrolled to vote in New York, new voters may register with any party or none until May 28. You may then vote only for candidates within your own party in the primary, which begins with absentee ballot distribution, continues with nine days of early voting that begin on June 12 and ends on primary day, June 22.


  • Your selections on Meet Your Mayor are entirely private. THE CITY will not see or retain any information about your responses to questions or the candidates you match with.
  • When you customize your results with your Google or Facebook profile image, we will ask you to authorize us to access your profile information. This includes your name and profile image. We use your name to tell you the account you used to log in, and we use your profile image to customize your Meet Your Mayor results by showing your image among the candidates who agree with you on questions. We will not use any other data from your profile and we will not use your data for any purpose other than those described in this statement. All interactions with Google’s and Facebook’s APIs happen entirely in your browser. Your data is never sent to us or stored by us. Our use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy. Our use of information received from Facebook APIs will adhere to the Facebook Platform Terms.
  • When you answer a question, we use your browser’s local storage to save your responses so you can see your answers when you refresh the page. Your answers are only stored on your device and are not sent to us or any third party.
  • Your answers are never linked with identifying information from your browser or social logins.
  • We use third-party services, including Google Analytics and, to collect certain usage data across our site. For more information, read our site-wide privacy notice.
  • If you have any questions, email

Being mayor of New York means making many tough decisions. We hope Meet Your Mayor makes voting for one (or two or three or four or five) candidates just a little bit easier.

This story was originally published on [April 12, 2021] by THE CITY.”

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