New Guidelines To Be Developed For Hepatitis B, Cardiovascular Diseases Soon

New Guidelines To Be Developed For Hepatitis B, Cardiovascular Diseases Soon

By Department of Public Information

To advance the effective treatment of certain diseases, the Ministry of Health is developing new guidelines for Hepatitis B and cardiovascular diseases.

This initiative is being undertaken in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

The development of these new guidelines was announced by the Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony during the 21st annual Pharmacists Convention held on Sunday at the Pegasus Hotel and Corporate Suite.

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“We will also have soon, guidelines dealing with Hepatitis B so that you could understand how these things are working, what we should use first and then what we should use second,” Minister Anthony emphasized.

The ministry has already issued new treatment guidelines over a week ago.

Additionally, the health minister revealed that they are in the final stages of developing new guidelines for cardiovascular diseases.

“We have just completed the draft and we have that document right now under consultation,” Dr Anthony disclosed.

According to the Minister, the Ministry of Health is collaborating with PAHO to introduce the Hearts initiative.

The Hearts program aims to assist health professionals in the prevention and early detection of both cardiovascular diseases and hypertension within the primary healthcare system.

“Hearts now is in about 150 health centers across the system. And those meds that fall under the Hearts program are the ones that we are using now, they are more effective in terms of the management of Hypertension, while some of the older meds we are phasing them out,” the health minister explained.

To foster a modern healthcare system, pharmacists were encouraged to adhere to the current guidelines that have been developed and to utilize the new medications that have demonstrated greater effectiveness.

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