NYPD Sergeant Charged With Assault, Attempted Assault During Two Arrests

NYPD Sergeant Charged With Assault, Attempted Assault During Two Arrests

NYPD responds to a student stabbing at the Corona Civic Leadership Academy high school. Sergeant in the School Safety Division with responding officer. – Elmhurst, NY / United States – November 8 2018 (Shutterstock)

By Jen Chung, Gothamist

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has charged an NYPD sergeant with assault and attempted assault during two arrests.

According to the D.A.’s office, Sergeant Phillip Wong, 37, punched a handcuffed 48-year-old man who had been in a Harlem holding cell in a 2019 incident and knelt and “bounced” multiple times on the back of a rear-cuffed 35-year-old man at an Upper West Side subway station in 2020.

“When NYPD officers head into the field each day to face unknown and potentially life-threatening situations, they do one of the most difficult jobs in the world,” said District Attorney Cy Vance in a statement. “But having sworn an oath to protect and serve their communities, those difficult jobs need to be carried out with the utmost integrity and professionalism, especially by officers in leadership. As alleged, this Sergeant grossly violated his training – and the law – during the arrests of these two individuals, whose conduct did not justify these violent responses. Our Office will not accept police violence, and we encourage any victims or witnesses of similar conduct to report it to our Police Accountability Unit at https://www.manhattanda.org/policemisconduct.”

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