OECD Development Centre Supports OECS Development Strategy

OECD Development Centre Supports OECS Development Strategy

The OECD Development Centre organized the annual meeting of the OECD Mutual Learning Group for Multi-dimensional Country Reviews (MLG-MDCR) on 26 September 2022, at the OECD headquarters in Paris. The OECD Development Centre has worked with the OECS to produce two mutually supporting outputs.

First, a regional strategy scorecard consisting of 40 indicators that run across the pillars of the Development Strategy (economy, social, and environment), allowing policy makers to set priorities in implementation based on measurable results.

Second, a report that identifies opportunities and constraints, and sets the priorities for implementation: 1) investing in renewable energy, and strengthening regulation, the business environment, and the financial sector; 2) boosting value-added in tourism, expanding digital services, and promoting the sustainable ocean economy and agriculture; 3) closing the skills gap, enhancing the quality of education, and improving social protection.

Ms. Jacqueline Emmanuel Flood, Director of Economic Affairs and Regional Integration at the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), made a special presentation entitled, “OECS Development Strategy (ODS) – An Evaluation.”

Ms. Emmanuel Flood presented on the uniqueness of the OECS member states, their vulnerabilities, and ways in which the OECS Commission is championing economic transformation via the implementation of its development strategy (2019-2028) and corporate strategic plan (2021-2026).

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