One woman shares how she achieved success by not being defined by her label

One woman shares how she achieved success by not being defined by her label
Diane Casey shares life journey in ‘Green Walls and Brown Doors’
GREENVILLE, Fla. – Diane Casey has lived a good life through many hardships. In her book, “Green Walls and Brown Doors” (published by iUniverse), she reveals her personal story to readers and shows how her experiences made her who she is today.
“My life is a product of an alcoholic home,” the author shares. “Seeing my father dulling his pain from a bottle, I decided to take my own pain away with a bottle of pills at age 12 then started the ‘Green Walls and Brown Doors’ inside the State Hospital.”
In this memoir, Casey recounts her young life living with an alcoholic father who influenced her behavior and choices. She talks about the abuses she received from the staff of the New Hampshire State Hospital at age 12 and the torments inflicted by a religious cult in Mississippi that she ended up with at age 17. She then narrates how she earned a General Educational Development (GED) diploma and two college degrees; married for 15 years and saw her son flourish in life; went to another state hospital for four and a half years; and became an executive director for consumers of mental health services for 15 years.
“Many people diagnosed and undiagnosed go through their own mental torment,” the author states. “The purpose of my book is to shine a light on their path to help them see the way through. It’s about hope. Hope is not just one word by itself. Hope is determination, courage, spirituality. It is the gift of sweetness. It is the essence of life. No, never give up hope.”
“Green Walls and Brown Doors” aims to offer hope to survivors and overcomers of mental health illness. It is also for those who try to stay out of mental health facilities.
“Green Walls and Brown Doors”
By Diane Casey
Softcover | 8.5 x 8.5in | 52 pages | ISBN 9781663205070
E-Book | 52 pages | ISBN 9781663205087
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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