Pleading for the Widows

By Charmaine Moses

Pleading for the Widows

    A grieving heart looks back with anguish but a surrendered heart looks forward in confidence — (unknown). The issue with death is not that one is not fully aware that we all might face it but it’s the separation we are not prepared for.

    I found myself faced with the home going of my husband and even though I could quote all the promises of God (Psalms 3739-40; Isaiah 43:2 Psalms 89:48) and on and on, I found I was not prepared for the separation and that is where the greatest struggle I ever faced began. 

    I remember that morning when he went home to be with the Lord its as if a strange peace came upon me.  At that time that is the only way I could describe it but later on I see it was the act of a merciful Father to allow me to deal with the shock of the separation.  In a sense I had “passed out.”  My Heavenly Father provided this step to protect me until I was able to truly deal with the separation.  It was His way of protecting me from the unbearable pain and from over thinking.  His way of preventing me from completely losing it. This is where people say, “she is a spiritual giant, a strong woman of God” but it’s a merciful Father who through His grace is preparing me at the very beginning to start my journey.

    It was during this journey this ministry “Pleading for the Widows” was birthed.  The Holy Spirit gave me a vision of the many widows in and out of the Church who have not properly grieved and even more still grieving after years of separation because they were not allowed or maybe did not know of the stages that their Heavenly Father prepared for them until they are finally ready to take back lost grounds. 

   There is much work to be done to bring these precious women to a place of true restoration. It is my ultimate goal to reach out to as many widows as possible especially those in the Church and to walk them through this journey which at some point they stopped yet after years they are still grieving.

   Join us at our event on Saturday July 20th 5:00pm sharp to honor widows and encourage them and afterwards to roll up our sleeves and get on our knees to help others not only here but across the globe. I am asking the widows to wear white and am for you to consider sponsoring her. 

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