Shaun Donovan Brings Over 30 Years of Public Service Experience to the NYC Mayoral Race

Shaun Donovan Brings Over 30 Years of Public Service Experience to the NYC Mayoral Race

Shaun Donovan has over 30 years of experience in public service. The combination of his Ivy League school training, serving in prestigious specialized positions under former President Barack Obama, and a sector of great sensitivity like budgeting and housing places him as a strong candidate for a job that requires technical skills in strategy and delivery. Plus, he has served in New York.

Born to an immigrant Irish father and a Jewish Mother, he considers his early experiences as the grandson and son of an immigrant a unique component in his history that will appeal to various community members.

His long service at all levels, both at the local, state, and federal levels, makes him a strong contender in the Mayoral race. Between 2004-2009, under the leadership of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, he served as the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner. After which, he rose to perform at the federal level between 2009-2014 as the country’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Between 2014-2017 as the Director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.

Listen to an interview with Shaun Donovan on “Running for Mayor of NYC” below:

Combination of Ability and Experience

Shaun believes in his ability to bring remarkable changes to New York City as a Mayor. He considers his experience and background vital and an asset to the job. In an exclusive interview with Caribbean American Weekly, he said, “We certainly do not need a rookie as a Mayor right now. And we’ve seen in the last eight years people that are more interested in repeating the same rhetoric than reality, more interested in politics than people.”

Donovan explains that some of his experiences while growing up contributed to his deep-rooted desire to serve the public. “No one in this race knows how to rebuild from the crisis, the way that I do, and I will make sure that as we rebuild, we are creating a fair New York that actually works for every New Yorker, particularly for immigrants and those who are left behind so often.”

He emphasizes the fresh perspectives he will bring to the job. In particular, he stressed that “What New Yorkers want is a change, they are fed up with the political status quo, there are many people in this race that are part of that political status quo. There are just a few of us that are coming from outside politics to try to make a difference. But I am the only one of those who have real experience in communities around New York for three decades. Making a difference, creating affordable housing, ending homelessness, ensuring immigrants are protected. All of those things I have done for 30 years.”

In addition to being a great leader, he intends to save the City’s mass transit by fully introducing the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service throughout the City. He also wants to expand accessibility and equity to essential services to all New York City residents by introducing the “15-minute city” or bike ride plan.

Issues and Results in the first 100 days

In the first hundred days of assuming office, he intends to hit the ground hard, delivering on ensuring a healthy New York City with many vaccinated New Yorkers. In the interview, he emphasized, “First, we have to make sure we have the healthiest, safest City in the world, and that means ensuring that every single New Yorker has access to a vaccine. We need to make sure that we send mobile vaccination sites out into the community, public housing, in our library. Everywhere that New Yorkers need access, particularly black and brown communities. We have to make sure that we are protecting New Yorkers from this terrible virus.”

Another major priority is fixing the economic pandemic that follows the COVID-19 pandemic. Donovan says, “We have to realize that after the pandemic, we have an economic pandemic, deepening inequalities that existed before, and that means we have to put over 500,000 New Yorkers back to work. I have the clearest and boldest plan to do that. Get all our businesses back to opening and accelerate the economy. “


Donovan is endorsed by notable public figures across the country like the Mayor of New Orleans – Mitch Landrieu, Miami – Manny Diaz, Philadelphia – Michael Nutter, a former leader in East Brooklyn Congregations, Rev. Johnny Ray Youngblood, actor Edward Norton, Assembly Members Michael Benedetto, Charles Fall and former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx. Some organizations like 314 Action Fund, Metro Industrial Areas Foundation, East Brooklyn Congregation have all endorsed him.

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