Statement from Jamaica’s Consul General Alsion Wilson Regarding Hurricane Beryl

Statement from Jamaica’s Consul General Alsion Wilson Regarding Hurricane Beryl

Photo: Jamaica Consul General Alsion Wilson

Listen to the interview with Consul General Alsion Wison here:

Dear Members of the Jamaican Diaspora Community,

As Hurricane Beryl impacts our beloved homeland, Jamaica, we stand united in prayer and solidarity for the safety of all Jamaicans. I urge you to join me in fervent prayer for our friends and families back home, asking for divine protection and guidance during this challenging time.

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I understand the anxiety and concern many of you feel, especially those parents who have sent their children to Jamaica for the summer. The separation from your loved ones can be particularly distressing during such uncertain times. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your children.

Here at the Consulate General of Jamaica in New York, we are closely monitoring the situation and awaiting the hurricane’s passage. Prime Minister Andrew Holness has assured us that the country is in the best state of readiness to face this storm. Resources have been strategically deployed to ensure the safety and well-being of all Jamaicans. We hope that everyone has taken advantage of the available shelters. If it is not too late, and you are able to reach your families, please encourage them to utilize these shelters if they have not already done so.

The Consulate General has already initiated discussions with various stakeholders, including diaspora leaders, to be prepared to assist in the aftermath of the storm, should broad governmental assistance be required. We await the directives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade to guide our efforts once the extent of any damage is known.

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In the interim, we have implemented an emergency hotline for those concerned about their loved ones or property and those seeking information on how they can assist. The hotline number is 888-817-9050. Please be aware that our ability to provide information will be based on what we receive from official sources.

We close with a prayer for minimal damage and the swift recovery of our nation. Let us remain hopeful and steadfast, supporting one another through this time of trial. I encourage all community members to continue to pray for Jamaica’s safety and prepare to assist in the recovery efforts that may follow.

May God bless and protect us all.

With heartfelt prayers and solidarity,

Mrs. Alsion Wilson OD.

Consul General

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