Statement from New York City Mayoral Candidate Maya Wiley

Statement from New York City Mayoral Candidate Maya Wiley

NYC Mayoral Candidate Maya Wiley speaks during Press conference on rise of attacks against Asian Americans at NAN Headquarters. – New York, NY – March 18, 2021 (Shutterstock)

“Scott Stringer must immediately account for this abuse of a campaign intern, including the unwanted advances and the dangling of jobs. This is truly disturbing.

Jean Kim, who was a junior member of his team at the time, has told a credible and disturbing story of unwanted sexual contact with a powerful man with power over her career. I believe her and admire her strength and courage to come forward to tell her story. According to reports, Stringer has admitted to sexual contact he is claiming was consensual.

Like others who spoke out about Governor Cuomo this year, she is telling her story at great personal and professional risk. What she did today was not easy, and what she is about to endure is very hard. That’s why we must focus on her and on supporting survivors as we have this difficult discussion.

The behavior, as Kim describes it, is a sexual assault, as well as sexual harassment. Furthermore, she says that she was driven to silence from telling her story. That is an act we’ve seen far too often: men who use positions of power over women to intimidate them. Then, after the abuse happens, they warn them to not tell anyone about it.

For too long, women have been harassed and bullied at their jobs and we are sick of it. Sadly, these types of stories are far too prevalent in our society and our politics. It feels like every month, we’ve got another elected official going to jail, being accused of harassment or abusing the public’s trust. It’s no wonder people lose trust in government when government looks like this.

The people of New York just deserve better than this.”

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