The Business of Travel

By Victoria Falk

The Business of Travel

The power of the internet has increased our information in regards to what’s happening around the world. We’re able to meet a lot of people more quickly than ever before. At one time, we were excited when someone could find a business partner who lived in a different state than them. However, nowadays, people on different continents are meeting and forming alliances over the worldwide web. Social media has become an excellent tool to help attract clients and partners, and technological advances are helping them maintain contact with each other through a variety of online meetings.

But the fact remains, most people prefer to do business with someone they’ve met in person. They want to meet potential business partners and get to know them as people first, to see if they like them, before contemplating whether or not to have a business discussion. Therefore, business tourism is emerging as a fast-growing, lucrative niche in the travel industry.

Business tourism involves business people traveling to meet clients, team members, and potential business partners. But it also includes travel for personal development, to attend business events, exhibitions, business meetings, and other professional events. According to recent surveys, London, Hong Kong, and New York remain the top three travel destinations for travelers seeking trade fairs, conferences, and other corporate events.

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