Third Book in Geo’s Adventure Series due July 1st

Third Book in Geo’s Adventure Series due July 1st

Sadia Verneuil will on July 1st, 2022, release her third book in the collection of coloring books under the Geo’s Adventure Series. Her is Miss Vee as she prefers to be known in her own words.

I am Miss Verneuil; you can call me Miss – Vee! I’m a single Mom to my darling of a son who is differently-abled; a certified Elementary Teacher and a self taught artist! In essence, I’m a very eclectic human being…and I love It! My biggest fan (my son) has encouraged me to share my skills and knowledge…so I thought…why not! He, too, has developed a love for the arts. He absolutely lights up when it’s painting time!

The corona pandemic has afforded us some time to play with some art materials and start a business. I recall having this conversation with his teacher, Mrs Savory, and she very supportive of my ideas, as well as offered other options. I am forever thankful to her, and by extension, Lady Gordon Opportunity Center, as they have been a blessing to our family.

We (my son and I) have therefore taken the plunge in entrepreneurship; we started Miss Vee, an online store selling printable and original art. This is the start of a new mother-son venture.

To begin, I have developed many printables such as planners for moms, Vision board templates, morning and bedtime routine charts, Wall decor, original art, coloring books and many more! Please view our selection. We enjoyed making them 🙂 If you’ve read thus far, thank you for supporting our small business!

I do hope you find our products of interest to you and that it brings you value and joy; as much (or more) joy a it took us to make it!

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