Top 5 States with the Highest Percentage of Immigrants in the United States

Top 5 States with the Highest Percentage of Immigrants in the United States

By Chris Tobias

The United States is known for its diverse population, with immigrants significantly shaping its demographic and cultural landscape. Here are the top five states with the highest percentage of immigrants based on recent data:


California has the largest immigrant population in the United States. As of 2022, immigrants comprise about 26.6% of the state’s population. This significant immigrant presence is attributed to California’s long-standing economic opportunities, diverse industries, and welcoming policies. The state is home to large communities from Mexico, the Philippines, China, and India, among others.

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New York

New York ranks second, with immigrants comprising approximately 23% of its population. New York City, in particular, is a central hub for immigrants, offering a wide range of economic opportunities and a vibrant cultural scene. The state has diverse immigrant populations from Latin America, Asia, and the Caribbean.

New Jersey

New Jersey’s immigrant population accounts for 22.4% of its residents. The state’s proximity to New York City and its economic opportunities make it a popular destination for immigrants. New Jersey has large communities from India, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, contributing to its cultural diversity.


Florida’s immigrant population stands at around 21.1%. The state’s warm climate and robust tourism industry attract many immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean. Miami, in particular, is known for its sizeable Cuban-American community and significant populations from other Latin American countries.


Nevada rounds out the top five, with immigrants making up 20.5% of its population. Las Vegas is a major draw for immigrants due to its booming hospitality and entertainment industries. The state has significant immigrant communities from Mexico and the Philippines.

Factors Influencing Immigrant Populations

Several factors contribute to the high percentages of immigrants in these states, including economic opportunities, existing immigrant communities, and state-level policies that may be more welcoming or supportive of immigrants. The industries in these states, such as technology in California, finance in New York, and tourism in Florida and Nevada, also significantly attract immigrants seeking better job prospects and living conditions.

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