Your voting plan in 4 easy steps

Your voting plan in 4 easy steps
We have just 50 days until Election Day, and it’s imperative that every eligible voter safely casts their ballot amidst the ongoing pandemic. As the ACLU continues to fight for voting rights nationwide, we also want to help you make your own voting plan now.
1. Register
  • First thing’s first: Check your registration status if you haven’t done so already. If you discover you need to register to vote or update your registration, go to to start the process. (Please note: Both links take you to third-party websites, and, respectively.)
2. Find NY’s Voting Information
3. Learn About Vote by Mail
4. Know Your Voting Rights
  • Before you fill out your ballot, knowing your voting rights is crucial. Learn more here about how to exercise your voting rights, resist voter intimidation efforts, and access disability-related accommodations and language assistance at the polls.
Brian, we are in the courts and in Congress doing everything in our power right now to ensure no one has to choose between their health and the right to vote during a global pandemic. And it’s in your power to help in this fight by making a voting plan at today. Then, come November 3rd, we’ll all have done our part to ensure we can vote like our rights depend on it. Because they do.
Thanks for taking action,
The ACLU Team
P.S. Already made your voting plan? Help your friends and family be just as prepared by forwarding this email or texting five contacts in your phone this link:

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