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A Few Fruits and an Onion
By Clifton Brusso

The Last Relationship Book You Will Ever Need (CensoredAbout the book
A Few Fruits and an Onion  is a fast- moving adventure -mystery about two call girls living in Chicago. When one of them believes she has killed a client, the two of them head for Clam Lake near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. One of them ends up in a tornado and one of them disappears under suspicious circumstances. Bodies are uncovered but whose bodies are they?

The Ex-Detectives Agency whose motto is ‘You hide the body and we will find it and you’ gets involved. Brusso’s extraordinary account reveals that at any given time, fate can be capricious, and this can lead to a flourishing of relationships amid the trials and tribulations in life.

Where to buy the book:
It is sold at bookstores or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble.

About the Author
Clifton Brusso Book BioClifton Brusso, a retired major with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is a man of literary blood, being a direct descendant of Alexander Dumas, the creator of The Three Muskateers and many other classics. When his mother told him that her great- grandfather had written the book he was reading (it was the Count of Monty Cristo) at the age of about 10, he knew that someday he would become an author . Interestingly, Dumas lived in Lake Linden, Michigan, four miles away from Brusso’s home. Brusso has written numerous short stories and poems, many of which are contained in Tales from the Mid West. A Few Fruits and an Onion is his fifth novel.

Memoirs of an Island Girl
By Lisa-Ann Gillings

The Last Relationship Book You Will Ever Need (CensoredExcerpt
I can't believe I allowed a person to degrade me so much. He started seeing other women and I still couldn't build up the strength to leave him. A little over a year, after this continued on I was pregnant again and still nothing had changed with this man.

When you go through life being abused from childhood all the way through to adulthood it can be difficult to cope with some things and you should really sit and think and make sure you focus on breaking the cycle and not passing down negative habits that were forced on you. To your kid I would never want my kids to go through what I went through in life, I think that would be selfish and cruel. I adore and love my kids so much that I think I try so extremely hard not to expose them to an abusive lifestyle. I sit back now and I reflect on my life from childhood to present stage in my life and I think about how not one adult cared enough to advocate for me. No child deserves all this abuse, what happens to the adult's that suppose to protect the kids?

I think it's so unfortunate when the woman that gave birth to you and the person that should be looking out for your best interest couldn't care less if you live or if you die. It is also sad that as an adult and I don't miss not having her around. Do you know what I would give to have a mother that cared? I don't think anyone in life would understand what I go through sometimes, especially on Mother's day.

I was so robbed of my childhood so many adults claiming to care but yet the abuse went on for so many years. I remember being in junior high school in Brooklyn and being a favorite of quite a few teachers. I went to school sharply dressed every day with a smile on my face, little did they know what hell I was going through.

Throughout my life I've really only been in one abusive relationship and I remember having the worst self esteem. On several occasions I even considering taking my own life. Selfish thoughts used to consume me but thank god I'm a strong woman. As fast as the thought came to my mind I saw my kids and that was all the motivation I needed at that moment to want to live.

The Old Man and the King
By Joe Corso

The Last Relationship Book You Will Ever Need (CensoredExcerpt
Royal protocol dictated that the King exit the car last, but as the important man was about to emerge, a hail of gunfire erupted, spraying the royal Hummer. "The Talvanian King watched in shock as, one by one, his car's occupants fell limp to the ground." Alone, in a foreign city, he seeks temporary refuge in the Good Burger diner. Here he meets Lom, a crazy old Korean War vet, who misses his old life of danger and intrigue and who embraces the idea of hunting those who are hunting the King. Lom does so by, first, kicking ass and taking names, and second, by teaching the baby-faced King the ways of the street, battlefield style. His written message is clear: "I HEARD YOU WERE LOOKING FOR ME. NOW I'M LOOKING FOR YOU!" This action packed hunt for the assassins begins with the United Nations and takes us from Charlie's New York City pawn shop, deep into secret underground passageways, into hidden train stations and desolate warehouses, and ultimately to carefully orchestrated deals with jewel thieves and gun runners. Things move along well until the heart-wrenching kidnapping. With the clock ticking against him, Lom must think quickly in order to save the life of the one he loves. Will the old man make it in time? Will the King live? Only time and his survival skills . . . will tell.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Joe Corso grew up in Queens. He is a Korean War veteran. He retired from the FDNY and started writing late in life hoping to help his grandchildren pay for their college education. He found to his surprise that he could tell a good story which resulted in my writing 30 books, garnering 28 awards and making me a 4 time top 100 -selling author and a 3 time top 5 best -selling author.

WHERE TO BUY THE BOOK:  www.corsobooks.com & Amazon.com (https://www.amazon.com/Old-Man-King-Joe-Corso-ebook/dp/B009AHSBUA/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1489424478&sr=1-1&keywords=The+old+man+and+the+king)

By Julia Chadwell

The Last Relationship Book You Will Ever Need (Censored Pizazz! by Julia Chadwell gives the reader a sympathetic perspective of people caught in circumstances and movements that are beyond their control. This story is, inspiring, amusing, instructive, and tells of redemption, resurrection, and renewal. The fiercely independent and undaunted heroine proves equal to the task of finding her way. Rose found a place in the world for herself with dignity and grace. She was a wife and mother, a teacher, and a storyteller. The story is told as a family saga that takes place in mid-twentieth century America. The backdrop for the story is a rich tapestry of world events.

The Great Depression of the 1930s and its profound effect on the fortunes and psyche of those caught in its grip, the earth shattering events of World War II, the post-war era of the 1950s, and the social unrest of the 1960s all shaped the customs and attitudes of those times.

Author Biography for Julia Chadwell
Author, Julia Chadwell was born in South Texas, the setting for her second book, Pizazz! the entertaining and moving story of a twentieth-century mother seeking a better future for herself and her children. Mrs. Chadwell is a graduate, Summa Cum Laude, of the University of Texas-Pan American. She also has a Master’s Degree from Western Washington State University. She is a retired elementary school teacher and is the mother of eight children, grandmother to fifteen grandchildren, and has one great-grandson. She and her second husband live in Southern California. She and her husband have traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world.

Julia is a member of the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild and is past president of the Women’s Fellowship organization of her church. Julia sings in a ladies’ quartet, Resounding Joy, and in her church choir. She is also a member of the Meadowlark Hand-Bell Choir. She is an active member of a senior bowling league and her local women’s golf club. Julia is a volunteer at the Women’s Resource Center of Oceanside, California, and is part of the advocate training program there. She is a public speaker and has done numerous television and radio interviews.

Her debut book, Little Texas Sweetheart, is internationally known as an in-depth look at domestic violence issues and is used by the Counseling Department of Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base to help domestic violence victims. Her website and blog for that book disseminate information for victims of domestic violence and those interested in helping them.

Pizazz! her second book, highlights a subject that is dear to her heart, the issue of women’s rights to equality and respect.

Beneath My Smile
By Anna Bella

The Last Relationship Book You Will Ever Need (CensoredExcerpt
Who am I? What is my purpose in life? These are difficult questions, and can take a lifetime to answer. Who am I comes from a place of love, which evolves while on a personal quest for love, freedom, and peace. It means no longer missing out on happiness, purpose, and life's meaning. It starts with me reaching out to others, pausing to wonder and knowing that all things are possible. There was a time I was paralyzed with fear, but then I turned my negativity into the driving force that would encourage and enable me to be successful.

My parents fought mostly at night while I would lie in bed scared, listening to them. At the age of three, I was too young to comprehend what the discord was about, but this much I knew: it wasn't good. The only physical altercation I remember witnessing between them was when my father flung my mother around, ripping the curlers out of her hair as she ran from him. The following morning I told my mother, "Leave and come back to get me." And so mom left with my little sister and went to America while I remained with Dad in Trinidad.

As soon as I began to have peace in my life, my past always seemed to reincarnate and resurrect. Just as I thought the dust had settled, I began to notice issues with my daughter. She just turned 12. The tell- tale signs came via the phone calls from the school requesting parent –teacher conferences, along with a royal flush of "F" in every subject on her report card. Akata became increasingly rebellious, sneaky, and disrespectful.

Please visit my website at www.authorannabella.com for more information and to purchase a copy of my book. Please don't be bashful, do leave a review after reading. Lastly, be sure to like me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, Instagram and Google+ as well. Thanks for your support

The Last Relationship Book You Will Ever Need (Censored)
By Jeremiah Dotson

The Last Relationship Book You Will Ever Need (CensoredExcerpt
Anger is a loss of control. A loss of control is what I believe everybody in this world has experienced at one time or another. With that being said, a loss of control is not a part of any healthy relationship. One can become upset, perturbed, even mad at the significant other but once the feelings of what should be in the relationship and how they should be handled travel all the way to anger, it can be seen as passing the point of no return. Having control is the ability to restrict hurtful comments. It is being able to communicate rationally about things that are upsetting to one or both parties in the relationship. It is never letting your feelings get the best of you. When people lose control however, many have been known to not just verbally abuse the significant other, but curse him or her out at the drop of a hat. They have been known to throw things and a few have even been known to become physically aggressive.

You see when one man and one woman are together, the relationship they have will be comprised of their desires, their thoughts, their dreams, goals and aspirations. The only thing that could possibly taint their existence is memories from the past. If however they listen to each other's circle of influence, aka mothers and fathers and friends and coworkers and psychics and whomever else, then all of those individuals will become influences and no matter how good the information these people give may be, the response from the significant other will more than likely be negative because you are no longer living your relationship. You are living according to someone else's relationship or someone else's idea of how a relationship should go. Here's my thing: you live and you learn. When you are young, you need parental instruction to shape you into adulthood. When you become an adult, parental instruction becomes a hindrance more so than a help. In fact, most outside influence becomes a hindrance to either one or both parties in the relationship. The instruction a couple receives should be from one another.


This book is the truth! Peter M.

The book is good. I like how it talks about how people lie to each other to make their relationships better. Carmen R.

Very good read. I got the uncensored version. Only half way through but I am blown away. Natalie J.

Available for purchase online at www.barnesandnoble.com and Audio book at www.audible.com

Naked By Romella Vaughn

Naked by RomellaExcerpt
At the beginning of the summer in 2014 I did something that I'd never done before in my life. I went to God in prayer and asked Him a simple question. "What is my purpose in life?"

He didn't answer right away. It was on one smoldering hot, summer day, while working as a letter carrier that He spoke to me and placed it in my heart to write a book based on my life experiences.

I thought about what I'd been through in my life and there were many things that came to mind. Most of which had caused me to feel heartbroken, broken in spirit, hurt, disappointed, unworthy and sometimes wishing that I were dead. I thought to myself, I have a story to tell.

As the summer went by, God woke me up on several occasions in the early morning hours. One particular time He showed me a vision of me speaking to millions of people, both men and women, about my life experiences. I wept and thanked God for what He was showing me.

One day while preparing my mail for delivery, God flashed before me that same vision again. My eyes watered and I was excited because I knew that God was going to use me in an awesome way. I knew from that point that I had to bring change into my life so I prayed to God that He would send a God-fearing Christian and mentor into my life.

At the end of the summer I began to get discouraged because I hadn't received an answer to my question from God. Then, on October 2, 2014 at 1:16 A.M. something astonishing happened; God gave me an analogy. I saw a vision of a stuffed teddy bear. He told me to remove all of the cotton from the stuffed animal. Then He told me to think back to when I was a little girl up until now, 41 years of life, and to re-stuff it for every hurt, disappointment, regret, setback, frustrations, etc., that had affected me and that I'd never discussed with anyone.

I thought about the hurt I felt when my mother gave my siblings and I to my father and how it made me feel abandoned, rejected and motherless. I stuffed it.

Watching my dad being used by demonic forces, and it causing him to do things that a normal person wouldn't, left me feeling alone, afraid, helpless and desperate for someone to turn to. So I stuffed that. Being a mother-figure to my siblings at the young age of ten, my childhood was taken away. I stuffed that, too. Being betrayed and hurt by friends left me feeling unable to trust anyone. Being lied on by co-workers left me wanting revenge. Carrying others' burden and solving their problems left me feeling exhausted. I stuffed all of these emotions as well.

Before I realized it, I had ran out of cotton and needed more to stuff the teddy bear for all of the pain that I had endured. After completing this task, the brown bear, which represented me, was bursting at the seams. God revealed to me that I had lived my entire life tucking and stuffing my hurt and pain, never releasing it.


He was a tall man standing 6'5" with dark curly hair and grey starting to feather his temples. Chiseled features carved deeply into his slightly pock marked face. Sky blue eyes peeked from underneath bushy eyebrows - all set into a hard prison face that rested on a thick neck attached to broad shoulders....

He looked around the street at the houses and took a slip of paper from the breast pocket of his jacket, checking it to make sure he was at the right address. Satisfied, he shrugged his shoulders, crumpled the paper into a wad, and threw it into a trash basket sitting in front of the entrance to the building. He gazed once more at the sign to confirm that he was at the right place. The sign read THE STARLIGHT CLUB. Thrusting his body into motion, he lumbered up three steps, through the front door and stepped into the dark bar. He had done his time, had served his full ten years and now taverns were no longer off limits. He smiled at the small freedom he was gifted. The contrasting dim light played tricks on his eyes, and it took a few moments to get his bearings. Slowly, he approached the bar to find a bartender busy cleaning last night's glasses.

"I need to see Big Red."
The bartender looked him up and down suspiciously and while his left hand still held the glass he was cleaning, his right hand drifted slowly underneath the bar. The big man's eyes followed his every movement. The bartender's hand grasped the bat.
"Who's askin'?"

"Trenchie. Tell him Trenchie's here."...
Red excused himself from his guests, walked to the kitchen, and instructed the chef to prepare a special feast for his guests. He then headed back to the table and instructed Trenchie and Mary not to order anything - his chef was preparing something different, something off the menu. Trenchie still needed to dress for dinner so he asked Red if he would mind entertaining Mary while he showered and changed his clothes. After about twenty minutes, Trenchie emerged wearing his new navy blue suit, so dark that it appeared almost black.
The suit was beautifully tailored and fit him like a charm. Underneath was his new silk shirt and yellow Italian silk tie. He managed to comb his hair to hide the stitches. Trenchie looked different now. To Mary, he was the handsomest man she had ever seen. Trenchie felt a change in himself but couldn't explain it. Well that wasn't exactly true, he could explain it. Her name was Mary. Ever since he'd met her, he'd felt this change. The tension and despair had vanished from his body. The lines that were etched into his face seemed to fade back into the flesh, filling the crags and smoothing the wrinkles. It was instant youth. Yeah, that's what it was - the feeling of being young and alive again. The lines that were still visible somehow seemed to add to his looks rather than detract from them. Ah, maybe it was just the suit. Maybe anyone would look good in an expensive suit like the one he was wearing. Whatever the reason, it worked for Trenchie.


5 of 5 stars - An exceptional book- By Darrellon -
December 23, 2014
- Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase -

A story about a mob gang in New York during the fifties and sixties that reveals the intricacies of their lives as retold by an old man that was a friend of the mobsters when he was young. A compelling story of faith and violence. One of the best books I have read.

5 of 5 stars - By Grady Harp HALL OF FAME TOP 100 REVIEWER VINE VOICE on July 27, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

`The Starlight Club was a magical place - movie stars, politicians and yes, even gangsters came to dine.'

5 out of 5 stars - A must read By AnnMcon June 19, 2012
Format: Paperback

The way that Joe Corso starts the book by telling a story to his daughter captured my attention. I could not put down the book. It was so well written and descriptive that I felt like I was watching a great movie instead of reading a book. This book would make a great movie. I loved the characters , especially Trenchie .

Little Texas Sweetheart

Excerpt from Chapter 39 "The Fish-Eye View"
Nadine Gibson Loud banging on my front door awakens me. It is two o'clock in the morning. I know who is at the door. Edward, my son, and I are instantly on guard. My heart is pounding. I yell through the door for Ronald to go away.

Ronald shouts, "You aren't so smart! All I had to do was tell the taxi driver the address on the divorce papers! I have found you!"

He proceeds to say that he needs to use the bathroom, he's cold, I must let him in! I tell him once again to go away. I am trembling as I tell him that we are calling the police. He screams that I am his wife, and that he knows I won't call the police.

I am icy cold as he batters the front door and I call the police. When I reach the dispatcher, I am told that they won't come unless I have a restraining order. With relief in my heart and voice, I tell the gentleman that I do have a mutual restraining order issued by a judge. He then says that in that case, a patrol car is on the way. I vow to myself that this time "Mott the Bold" will come through with her promise to the children that our lives will improve.

Ronald continues to rage and pound as the minutes tick by. I peer through the peephole in the door. The fish-eye view of his ranting and raving is terrifying. Suddenly I see the large, dark forms of two policemen through the peephole. Evidently the local force has sent their finest and largest to my aid. They both tower over six-foot-tall Ronald. Nightstick in hand, one of the policemen knocks on my door.

My mind flashes back to the patrolmen who came to our door in Utah. They were no help at all. Will I be helped this time? With shaking hands, I turn the deadbolt. These huge men in their spiffy, dark uniforms are bristling with gear: nightsticks, service revolvers in holsters, walkie-talkies. They are very impressive. They ask what the problem is. I show them the restraining order and tell them that Ronald is violent toward me and is violating the Judge's order to stay away. One on each side of Ronald, they turn to him. He very courteously begins explaining in a wheedling tone of voice that I am keeping him away from his "little family." One of the policemen says, very politely, "They don't want you here, Sir."

Ronald continues to whine and argue. The officer continues to repeat in a soft voice, "They don't want you here, Sir!" Finally, fed up, the other officer says, "Sir, you have a choice. You can leave on your own, or we will take you with us. Which will it be?" With that, Ronald picks up his backpack and walks away into the dark night.

Little Texas Sweetheart may be purchased at:
www.littletexassweetheart.com & www.amazon.com, Kindle $15/copy. All proceeds benefit women in prisons and shelters.


Merlin Carothers, author of Prison to Praise: "The beautiful girl you see on the cover was abused by a husband who loved only himself. Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, please read this remarkable book and give a copy to every young girl that you love."

Barbara Ryan, LCSW, San Diego State University, Social Department: "Little Texas Sweetheart is a gripping story of strength, endurance, courage and hope. Very well written, too!"

Assist News Service (ANS) calls Little Texas Sweetheart, "a gripping first-hand account of the terror of domestic violence." October 13, 2011



Nadine GibsonPublication Date: August 29, 2012
"A Child's Book of Etiquette" is specifically designed for parents and children. It helps to bring to remembrance the way we were trained as children, by the "old school" parents, who taught us to respect our neighbors, but most importantly, that respect starts with self. In "A Child's Book of Etiquette", we will be re-taught how to train our children to say, "Yes please; "Thank you", "Excuse me please", "Good Morning", etc., and how to apply these daily etiquette principles to their lives and ours. Show More Show Less

About the Author
Evangelist Jenny Small is the Executive Director of He Restores My Soul Outreach Ministries, Inc. She is the Author of "YESTERDAY I DIED", "MY HEART'S PASSION REVEALED", and now "A CHILD'S BOOK OF ETIQUETTE". Her passion is for the people, who she believes must be taught how they can be self-sufficient. In addition, her focus is on the family, where she seeks to assist parents to train up their children according to the Word of God, because in doing so, they will be positioned for greatness.

To purchase online, please click here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1479126993

Tangling with God's Enemy
Book Signing - Saturday June 9th at 2:00 pm

Nadine GibsonOn Saturday June 9th, Jamaican born author Nadine Gibson will be hosting a Book Launching for her Spellbinding autobiography, "Tangling With God's Enemy" at 846 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11203. This captivating account of Nadine's life will tug at your heart strings and wrench your soul with compassion and anguish.

Nadine Gibson battled the doldrums of McGregor Gully ghetto in Jamaica West Indies, to make her way to a better life in America. But the demons of molestation, and abuse followed her to the shores of America, and placed her in a stronghold that caused her descend into a pit of drugs, rape, rejection and hopelessness. Read this riveting story of God's redeeming grace as she takes her readers through this journey of violence, destruction, and forgiveness.

Nadine was born in the city of Kingston on the island of Jamaica W.I. She has a Master's Degree in Theology and her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology & Christian Counseling, she also holds a Chaplaincy License which allows her to work in her Prisons & hospital Ministry. Nadine is also a writer, executive producer, counselor an educator as well as a very successful entrepreneur. She is a great visionary whose testimony has been featured in PB Magazine, and has caught the attention of Minister Wane Johnson, Vice president of Voices of Praise 88.9 FM Radio. She was featured live on his morning program and has been successful in inspiring her listeners who are often blown away by her testimonies. Minister Nadine Gibson is also a radio personality on radio 104.1 FM along with her Pastor Patricia Greenwood.