Canada Announces New Trade Initiatives for Caribbean

Canada Announces New Trade Initiatives for Caribbean

Canada and the Caribbean recorded more than Can$1.8 billion (One Canadian dollar=US$0.73 cents) in merchandise trade last year, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said as he met CARICOM leaders.

Addressing the trade and investment round table discussion on the final day of the Canada-Caricom summit, Trudeau said various trade programs make this trading relationship possible by providing many Caribbean countries with duty free access for goods.

“We want to grow this trade even more to create good jobs and I am happy to announce today that we will be expanding duty free access under the Commonwealth Caribbean countries tariff program to textile and apparel.

He said to strengthen the ties between businesses in Canada and the Caribbean workers they employ, “Canada is committed to implementing a new foreign labor program for agriculture and fish processing under our temporary foreign worker program.”

Trudeau said that private capital can also help build up the clean economy in an area with a lot of potential for profit, prosperity and common good “as well as helping the region achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs).
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