CDB Seeks Replenishment for Special Development Fund

CDB Seeks Replenishment for Special Development Fund

The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is now actively mobilizing financing to continue its Special Development Fund (SDF), an integral element of the Bank’s poverty reduction and sustainable development efforts.

Currently near the end of its 10th four-year cycle, the SDF, has disbursed over $2.1 billion in development financing during its current phase, driving significant progress in regional economies.

To sustain its impact beyond the present cycle, the CDB is undertaking a replenishment exercise, aiming to increase contributions from existing donors and enlist new contributors.

“The Special Development Fund, as the largest pool of concessionary funds from the Caribbean Development Bank, remains crucial in addressing poverty and human development challenges throughout the Caribbean Region. To ensure its sustainability we’re deepening dialogue with current partners and engaging new collaborators to secure resources needed to propel the Region forward despite challenges,” CDB’s Acting President, Mr. Isaac Solomon explained.

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