Dating the Taurus Man

Dating the Taurus Man

Dating the Taurus Man

If a romantically old-fashioned date with a tried-and-true gentleman is what you’re ready for, try dating the Taurus man. Even though he’s down to earth and unpretentious, the Taurus gent still enjoys the finer things in life. He’s not known to be a “player” and it’s doubtful you’ll find this sophisticated man using offensive language in the presence of a lady.


The Taurus man is a sensual being, so you can expect a dating experience designed to treat the senses. A date could tease the palate with exotic fare, or have you immersed in the aromas of quaint cafe cuisine. Movies might be on the dating agenda, but a live theater performance or a concert will always take precedence over any silver-screen presentation. Whatever a date with the Taurus man may include, the plans will always revolve around you.

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The Taurus man is a keeper. He’s loyal, hardworking and dedicated to maintaining a stable home life. He may follow a rather mundane routine with few variations, but there will be occasional spurts of impulsiveness that’ll pleasantly surprise you. The charming Taurus man is a romantic, so cozy waterfront cottages and moonlight strolls may fill your vacation plans.


The Taurus man isn’t going to be an athletic lover who’ll surprise you with sessions of improvised passion. What you will get is a man devoted to the pleasing of your five senses– a man dedicated to your physical enjoyment. Dating the Taurus man won’t be a mind-blowing ride, but it could take your breath away. He’ll strip away the superficial clutter of modern dating and bring dating back to where it belongs. A date isn’t about where the Taurus man goes, or what he does – it’s about who he’s with. If you want to experience a date where you’re the focal point of the gentleman’s attention, try dating a Taurus man.

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