Dr. Tanya Beaubrun Sparks a Movement – St. Lucia Needs to Do Better

Dr. Tanya Beaubrun Sparks a Movement – St. Lucia Needs to Do Better

Dr. Tanya Beaubrun believes St. Lucia is inching closer and closer to being a sick country, and this realization has ignited Caribbean Spark – a movement aimed at prioritizing healthcare at the personal, community and national levels. On Saturday Dr. Beaubrun launched Caribbean Spark noting that it will change the future of Saint Lucia and the Caribbean.

Dr. Beaubrun explained that Caribbean Spark is a “a movement geared towards changing our view of health and wellness. A movement geared towards helping us understand the importance of prioritizing our health, helping us feel fitter and stronger and celebrating our innate vibrancy and vitality”.

Dr. Beaubrun revealed that she “can no longer remain silent or do nothing” She has “always held this dream of changing the face of healthcare delivery, by offering heart-based, soul-centered medical care focused on the individual needs of each patient”. Dr. Beaubrun went on to add that “I believe that every patient deserves to have accessibility to healthcare that is delivered in a safe and nurturing environment. They deserve to feel seen and heard; to feel held as they are healed. I believe that we must bring the heart and soul back into the practice of medicine, merging science with intuition, and putting the patient at the center of it all”. Dr. Beaubrun went on to says that “As a Caribbean woman and doctor, I’ve seen the impact of increasingly high levels of chronic disease on our population. This is what sparked the idea for Caribbean Spark”. A number of video testimonials featuring Caribbean Spark Ambassadors have been produced and can be viewed here

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