Good Time to Invest in Fast-Growing Guyana

Good Time to Invest in Fast-Growing Guyana

With the major transformation taking place, Guyana is seen as a place of bountiful opportunities for both local and foreign investors.

At least that is the view from the UK perspective according to British High
Commissioner, Jane Miller, as she spoke about the business relationship between Guyana and the United Kingdom (UK).

During a recent interview with the Guyana Department of Public Information
(DPI), the commissioner stressed that Guyana is in an era where it is easy for
foreign countries to invest, due to its rapid economic growth.

“It’s a super exciting time to be in Guyana, it’s the fastest-growing economy
in the world and in terms of encouraging people to come here, the statistics
speak for themselves. So, Guyana is selling itself with its economic growth,” Miller stated.

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Due to this, the high commissioner said she has been encouraging businesses from the UK to invest in various sectors in Guyana.

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Source St. Kitts and Nevis Observer

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