Jamaican Man Deported From The U.K. Gets Extradited Back & Sentenced To 3 Years After Knowingly Infecting Woman With HIV 14 Years Ago

Jamaican Man Deported From The U.K. Gets Extradited Back & Sentenced To 3 Years After Knowingly Infecting Woman With HIV 14 Years Ago

39-year-old Jamaican man named Jermaine Scott — who was deported from the U.K. and sent back to his homeland — has recently been extradited back to Britain to receive a 3-year sentence for knowingly infecting a woman with HIV 14 years ago.

It is reported that Scott was diagnosed with the virus in 2005 and was prescribed medicine to control the condition and prevent it from spreading to others.

However, Scott — who was previously in a relationship with the victim — did not regularly take his medication nor did he disclose to his partner that he was carrying the virus.

Scott still proceeded to have unprotected sex with the victim, which led to her being infected with HIV. It is reported that the couple got together in 2009, and that the woman has been dealing with 12 years of legal anguish, fighting Scott while being “forever marred by his actions.”

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Around 2011, it was reported that one of Scott’s former lovers told the victim that he had HIV, and when she (the victim) tested positive, she confronted Scott, who allegedly admitted his diagnosis to her, and then he left her.

Elsewhere, it is also reported that the victim — who has two children from a previous relationship (neither of which have been infected) — has admitted that she has considered suicide following her discovery of being infected. But she continues to stay strong for her children, adding, “If it was not for my children I wouldn’t be here today.”

After Scott fled Cheshire, the victim made a complaint to police, who then set out on a manhunt for him. He was eventually arrested in February 2011 on suspicion of recklessly infecting a woman in 2009. However, he was soon released as police had lacked “sufficient evidence to charge him.”

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Nine months later (November 2011), he was then deported back to his homeland of Jamaica, after officials found out that he had been in the U.K. illegally. Shortly after Scott’s deportation, the victim, who was now living with the virus and taking medication herself, requested that police reopen the case.

Together with medical experts, investigators helped identify a “number of genetic links between the strain of HIV that the victim had been diagnosed with and that of the offender.”

Upon their new findings, police were able to charge Scott in February 2020 with grievous bodily harm, and in 2022, he was extradited back to the U.K. to face his charges. At the Chester Crown Court, Scott recently pleaded guilty to his new charges and was sentenced to three years.

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