Jamaican Reggae Artist Qyor Launches “Cool Runnings”

Jamaican Reggae Artist Qyor Launches “Cool Runnings”

Photo credit: Noel of @Urbanehue

By Lyndon Taylor

Listen to the interview with Jamaican artist, Qyor, here:

Jamaican artist Qyor has launched his latest single “Cool Runnings,” bringing a fresh take on reggae music to listeners worldwide. The project, conceived at the beginning of 2023, emerged from a collaborative session with producer Rayon “Slyda Di Wizard” Curate and Romeich Entertainment, aiming to showcase Jamaica in a unique light through 808 reggae beats.

Named after the iconic movie “Cool Runnings,” the song captures the essence of Jamaican culture and the pride of its people. Qyor’s intention with his music goes beyond mere entertainment; he seeks to touch the hearts and souls of listeners, providing a source of inspiration and positivity in their daily lives.

“Cool Runnings” is now available for purchase and streaming on all digital platforms, including Qyor’s YouTube page.

While the timing of the single’s release wasn’t strategically aligned with other projects, Qyor acknowledges the synchronicity of its launch with other expressions of Jamaican culture in film and music, such as the Bob Marley One Love movie.

Reflecting on his involvement in the film as one of Bob Marley’s security personnel, Qyor expresses his joy at being part of such a historic project and emphasizes the immeasurable impact of Bob Marley on reggae music, Jamaican culture, and the Rastafari movement.

Looking ahead, Qyor invites listeners to stay tuned for more music from him, as he puts the finishing touches on his upcoming album titled “From Scratch,” promising to share his unique blend of XOUL music with the world. As an artist from the exotic island of Jamaica, Qyor is determined to spread his pure magic to every soul through his music.

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