JCF Reports Significant Reduction in Major Crimes

JCF Reports Significant Reduction in Major Crimes

By Mickella Anderson-Gordon | Jamaica Information Service

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is reporting a significant reduction in several categories of major crime during the first quarter of 2024 when compared to the same period in 2023.

“Notably, murders have decreased by 13 per cent, shootings are down by four per cent, and rape cases have declined by 38 per cent,” said Commissioner of Police, Dr. Kevin Blake, at the JCF’s virtual quarterly press briefing on Tuesday (April 9).

As it relates to property crimes, break-ins saw a decrease of 17 per cent, while robberies remained unchanged at 171 cases.

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Dr. Blake noted, further, that arrests and charges for major crimes has seen a nine per cent increase, which, he said, is “a clear indicator of our commitment in holding perpetrators accountable and delivering justice for victims”.

The Commissioner said that the JCF’s focus on recovering illegal firearms is yielding tangible results with a seven per cent increase in gun seizures, so far, this year.

Pistols are the most seized firearms.

Ammunition seizures also rose by 41 per cent.

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“This reflects our intensified efforts to rid our streets of these dangerous tools of violence,” Commissioner Blake said, while acknowledging the legislative support provided through the new Firearms Act.

The Commissioner said that greater focus will be placed on removing illegal weapons from the nation’s streets and communities.

“This intensification of our focus will be reflected in adjustments in our organizational structure, which will be announced in short order,” he said.

He extended a call for all law-abiding citizens to assist in “turning the tide against the criminals” by showing a collective will.

“We must isolate these persons from among us. We must not give them cover; we need every citizen to become an active participant in safeguarding our communities. We must push these offenders out from the shadows and make it clear that they have no place among us,” Dr. Blake said.

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