Let’s Go to PiCH: NYC’s Newest Caribbean Cuisine Restaurant

Let’s Go to PiCH: NYC’s Newest Caribbean Cuisine Restaurant

Tossed in honey garlic sauce, garnished with signature herbs, and spices & served in a waffle cone, Salmon Bites, is one of the many delicacies you’ll enjoy at PiCH Restaurant, Bar & Lounge.

Located at 774 Flatbush Avenue, PiCH is an emblem for People of Caribbean Heritage. The newly opened restaurant offers a familiar assortment of Caribbean cuisines with a modern twist. Part owner and co-founder Calvin Mason attributed PiCH’s unique style to the team, especially Nicole Thomas, PiCH’s Head Chef.

“We have a real sassy chef. She knows how to manage her kitchen. She knows how to manage her workers. She knows how to make sure the food tastes the same all the time. Not a different taste. Same taste. Ingredients on point.”

Among the team, Godfrey Lewis and Calvin Collins, known as DJ Spice, are also part owners and co-founders. Calvin Mason shared how much the stars aligned for him as the trio met one night at an event. As the old adage goes, “the rest was history.”

“We all met at a party. Like we literally went to the same party, not knowing we were all going to be there, but when we connected, we had the same vision, energy, and motive. It was just on point when we started talking. And that’s when we just broke it down and said we’re going to follow our dreams. Make it happen. We all had the same common denominator: get a restaurant and make people happy.”

From a critiquing point of view, menu items at PiCH certainly make people happy. With eccentric names like the Forbidden Apple and a Touch of Spice, drinks feature a smooth blend of whiskey, vodka, citrus, tropical fruits, and spices. Food items feature meals we love; Grilled Salmon, Spiced Pepper Shrimp, and New York Ribeye are just a few. In a fine-dining style, both appetizers and entrees come equipped with signature sauces and an outstanding blend of herbs that ensure a delectable taste.


Visually, both food and drink items at PiCH are a delight. While that is fantastic, it’s even more impressive just how plentiful and affordable the meals tend to be.

Added to the splendid menu and affordable prices, the atmosphere at PiCH most certainly represents Caribbean Heritage. Staff members are friendly and engaging. Upon entering, you are embraced with warm smiles and, as “Caribbeaners” say, “Good Vibes.” As you’re seated, whether at the bar or a table, you’ll begin to rock away to the songs of soca, hip-hop & reggae, both old and new.

For Calvin Collins (DJ Spice), a DJ of 40 years and the founder of Team Soca, a network of Caribbean & US-based soca DJs, the atmosphere of PiCH is very important.

“PiCH is really team soca. So, the vibes have to be right. You’ll hear soca, reggae, and some hip-hop on any night. You’ll be seeing DJs flying in. The best of the Caribbean, New York, the best of the world.”
Godfrey Lewis, the administrator of the trio, also chimed in on the atmosphere of PiCH and alluded to it becoming the franchise of the Caribbean.

“We want to have a PiCH in Miami, a PiCH in Canada, a PiCH in Trinidad, a PiCH in Grenada. We definitely want to expand and bring PiCH’s flavor to other countries all over the world. Bringing that Caribbean food, Caribbean vibe, and Caribbean people back to the essence of it all.”

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