PM Pierre Starts Budget 2024/25 Consultations

PM Pierre Starts Budget 2024/25 Consultations

Preparations for the 2024/25 Budget are well underway. Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Hon, Philip J. Pierre, has begun holding consultations with department heads, permanent secretaries and the senior leadership of the various government agencies and ministries.

The consultations allow the Prime Minister to get input on a range of issues, including economic trends, social needs, national security and infrastructure priorities. The input and feedback from the department heads can help to ensure that the budget agenda is comprehensive and responsive to the needs of all citizens.

This consultative process also helps to identify and address potential risks and challenges. By getting feedback from experienced and knowledgeable department heads, technocrats and other senior public officers, the Prime Minister can better weigh the potential outcomes of different budget decisions to maximize benefits and restrict unintended downsides.

This inclusive process aims to build consensus and support for the budget agenda and to improve transparency and accountability in the budget process.

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Prime Minister Pierre continues to demonstrate his commitment to openness and transparency to build public trust in the government and its ability to manage taxpayer dollars wisely.

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