Soufriere Hosts Cocoa Festival as Part of World Food Day

Soufriere Hosts Cocoa Festival as Part of World Food Day

Trafalgar Square in Soufriere was the venue for a Cocoa Festival held in honor of World Food Day on October 16th.

The event celebrated Saint Lucia’s rich cocoa heritage while further promoting local products and sustainable agricultural practices.

The Ministry of Agriculture hosted a Cassava and Coconut Festival recently attracting rural residents from across the island to showcase their unique products. This initiative is part of a series of events organized by the Ministry to bolster local agro-processing industries, with previous festivals featuring bananas, mangoes, and seamoss.

Philip Sydney, the Events Coordinator at the Ministry of Agriculture, expressed enthusiasm for the event and its role in empowering rural producers.

Sydney shared that the festival served as a platform for individuals from rural areas to proudly display their products and gain exposure in the market.

The Cassava and Coconut Festival, hosted in Micoud, witnessed an impressive turnout, with over 40 participants showcasing their innovative cassava and coconut-based products.

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