St. Lucia and Guyana to Work Closer for Shared Prosperity

St. Lucia and Guyana to Work Closer for Shared Prosperity

The President of Guyana Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali is inviting Saint Lucia and the business community take advantage of the dramatic transformation that Guyana is about to experience after the discovery of vast amounts of oil there.

The President says Guyana is this not using this exclusively for its progress but to spur sustainable and resilient growth and development in the region.

He told the St. Lucia government and the business community here that growth in Guyana will create many opportunities, increase trade, create a greater need for labor and expertise and ensure energy security for the region.

Dr. Ali said Guyana is seeking to have the most advance human resource development program in the region, to take a lead position on climate change and to be best placed to advance food security for the region.

He said the expansion of the Guyana economy will require highly skilled and competent human resources.

Guyana will also be building medical facilities that will require the training of thousands of nurses for the world class hospitals being built there.

He noted that a tremendous investment is being made in food security and this should inspire a greater push for a more efficient regional transportation system.

The Guyana president also noted that the cost of electricity will come down by 50% and this will be a great boon to manufacturing and agro-processing in particularly.

Dr. Ali said there is a unique opportunity for Saint Lucia and Guyana to partner on the rapid growth expected in the hospitality industry by offering a visitor experience that includes the sunshine of Saint Lucia and Guyana eco-tourism appeal. Guyana is building ten new hotels.

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