St. Lucia Places First at UK National Honey Show

St. Lucia Places First at UK National Honey Show

St. Lucian Donson Stanley has been awarded the Medal of Ukraine for the Best Honey In the World outside of the
British Isles. He is the fist St. Lucian to place 1st at the UK National Honey show which took place in Surrey.

Environmental activist Nadia Cazaubon celebrated that achievement by noting on Facebook that ‘honey made by bees in Diamond won the Best Honey IN THE Dobson Stanley WORLD’.

Well known honey producer Jeg Clarke and Iyanola Apiculture placed 2nd and 3rd in two other categories.

The National Honey Show has nearly two hundred and fifty Competitive Classes. The show attracts beekeepers from all over the world to compete for the much-coveted trophies and prize cards.

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Meanwhile, the 3rd annual Hewanorra National Honey Show will take place this year on Dec 8th and 9th at Constitution Park and on the 10th at IGY Marina.

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