The “CAMBIONET” Food Security Project is Being Assessed this Week

The “CAMBIONET” Food Security Project is Being Assessed this Week

A project launched in 2021, which seeks to transform agriculture in the Caribbean and Amazon region is being assessed this week.

The project for agroecological and bioeconomic transition and the agri-food and economic performance of the Caribbean/Amazon Region is funded by the European Regional Cooperation Funds INTERREG Caribbean V.

Organized as a consortium, the “Caribbean and Amazonian Bioeconomic Network” (CambioNet) brings together the main Research and Development and higher education organizations, agricultural extension and advisory services from 10 countries.

The project leader is INRAE Antilles-Guyane.

The review of the accomplishments to date begins today and continues through to December 1st, 2023, at Hotel ARAWAK, Gosier (Guadeloupe).

During this week-long seminar, the primary objective is to bring together a wide range of partners and stakeholders: over 200 participants representing public/political institutions, research and development organizations, agricultural advisory services, associations, professionals, etc., to exchange ideas on the work accomplished.

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