7 Relationship Advice Your Jamaican Granny Would Give You

7 Relationship Advice Your Jamaican Granny Would Give You

By Jamaicans.com | September 20, 2023

One of the things that set apart Jamaican grandmothers is their relentless pursuit to furnish the younger generation with life advice. Your Jamaican granny will tell you how many years and years of experience, trials and errors she has under her belt that allow her to impart invaluable wisdom upon her children, grandchildren and just about any young person who will lend her their ears. Now, when it comes to matters of the heart, you might think, “Hey, times have changed, does granny’s advice still stand?” You decide! Here are 7 golden relationship advice that your Jamaican granny would tell you to keep your romantic relationships intact.

Tek sleep mark death

Translation: Take sleep and mark death

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Within the context of an abusive relationship, your Jamaican granny is simply advising you to think twice. If it happens once, it could happen again.

Bible sehhhhh ‘don’t let the sun set on your wrath’

Translation: The Bible says, “Don’t let the sun set on your wrath.”

It basically means you shouldn’t go to sleep with unresolved issues hanging between you and your spouse. Talk it out before bedtime.

Anno every time yuh si cloud a rain

Translation: Not every time you see a cloud, rain falls

Don’t jump to conclusions. Give things time to reveal themselves. Things aren’t always what they seem

Wata know weh fi walk gah pumpkin belly

Translation: Water knows where to flow to reach the belly of the pumpkin

Your Jamaican granny warns you to be cautious with “just talking.” Nature has its plans, and accidents happen. Be responsible, my child.

Every tik have ‘im hoe a bush

Translation: Every stick has its hoe in the bushes

Your Jamaican granny is encouraging you to don’t lose hope after a breakup. There’s someone out there for everyone. Time heals all.

Anno every frock tail weh pass yuh fi follow

Translation: Not every dress hem that passes should be chased

Your Jamaican granny is advising you to be selective in your pursuit of a relationship. This is especially in cases where the person you admire is of questionable character.

Wah sweet nanny goat ago run him belly

Translation: What tastes good to a goat could upset your tummy

If you’re in a relationship that feels good now but deep down you know it’s not right, remember that what feels good in the moment can lead to discomfort and problems later on.

So, have you decided? We think your Jamaican granny always know best. It’s possible that following her warnings or advice a few times, could save you a few heartbreaks and resurrected a few relationships. Also, share these relationship nuggets with your children. They will thank you for them.

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