9 Tips to Get More Views on Your Instagram Stories

9 Tips to Get More Views on Your Instagram Stories

Stories are Instagram’s latest sensation. With this new feature, users can broadcast doodle-overlaid, slideshow-formatted videos or photos that automatically disappear after 24 hours, contributing to the ephemeral feel of Instagram’s newest launch. How can you organically increase the number of views on your Instagram stories?

Make Use of Hashtags
Use hashtags on your Instagram stories. Hashtag usage alone can get you hundreds, if not thousands, of extra views on your story. The maximum allotted use is ten hashtags per Instagram story, and it’s a good idea to use them all. If you’re worried that hashtags may ruin the aesthetic
of your photo or video, you can minimize them by swiping them off to the side. They will appear smaller, and they will still count towards your story.

Use Geotags
To add a geotag, simply select the appropriate available location from a search bar. Plan to target smaller locations, such as a bookstore, a restaurant, or a pet store, rather than a district or a big city. For example, if you're broadcasting your Instagram story from a central London coffee
shop, ensure that you include the name of the coffee shop.

Ensure That Your Tags are Relevant to Your Content
The Instagram algorithm is always monitoring your content, searching for clues that point to relevancy and consistency. Instagram is more likely to rank your story for your hashtag or geotag, therefore, if said hashtag or geotag is related in some way to your content.

Post Consistently
The more you post, the more people will want to follow you. Users will naturally tune in if they know what to expect. Establishing a following creates a certain level of expectancy, a level that is required to maintain said following. If users trust that a post or two is forthcoming every day, they will be more likely to take note.

Space Out Your Stories Throughout the Day
If you’re planning to post four times on your Instagram stories, for example, don’t broadcast your posts all at once. Try and space them out through the day. Each time you post, you come back to the beginning of your story feed, and, once someone has watched that story, you disappear to the
back of that line. So, plan to post often, but spread your posts out consistently across a length of time. This will ensure that your content will keep on popping up to the front of the Instagram story queue.

Include a Call to Action in Your Bio
Don’t be afraid to tell people to watch your stories. Some profiles feature great content, but they fall short when it comes to a direct call to action in the bio section. A simple, "check out stories for more awesome content," will do the trick.

Include Subtitles
Including subtitles is one way to boost your views, but be warned that it does take time. The simple fact is that a percentage of Instagram users who watch stories watch them with the sound off. Viewers who are swiping through new content may only commit to watching a story if it captures their attention. Viewers are a lot more likely to watch your story with subtitles, therefore, than if there were no subtitles, because this technique gives them a taste of your message. A large percentage of Facebook video is watched with the sound off, and that percentage is likely similar regarding user behavior for Instagram. So, ensure that you include subtitles to capture the attention of those people who watch your stories with the sound off.

Use Polls to Create Engaging Stories
If you’re looking to increase your following, your goal should be to create engaging Instagram content that your audience can interact with. When you create a poll, you are much more likely to rank for a hashtag or a geotag than if you hadn’t created one. Instagram recognizes quality content, and, thus, Instagram will display a post that contains a poll to a wider audience of users via a hashtag or a geotag.

Tag Other Users and Comment on Other Peoples’ Stories
Unfortunately, you can't "like" or comment on other peoples’ Instagram stories, but you can reactto a story via a private message sent through Instagram Direct. Here’s how it works. First, open someone’s story. If you are subscribed to another’s account, the story of the person you follow should be available for viewing as a horizontal timeline at the top of your Instagram feed. Then, tap the "send message" button at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Improving the aesthetic and functionality of your Instagram stories will increase your viewership. This means more eyes on your brand and your content, as well as more opportunities to gain new customers. In the end, it's all about getting the exposure and growth your hard work deserves.

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