All Set for Antigua-Montserrat Ferry Service

All Set for Antigua-Montserrat Ferry Service

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The V2V Empress – a 245-person capacity fast catamaran ferry – is scheduled to commence passenger services between Montserrat and Antigua, in a big boost to connectivity between the two islands.

The government of Montserrat signed a contract late last week with NAVIYUC S.A. De C.V., the operators of the vessel for the service which will run for five months, until March next year.

Under that agreement, the vessel will sail five days per week during off-peak periods and six days per week during peak periods (December 2023 and March 2024).

This will certainly have come as welcomed news for the dozens of persons who travel weekly/bi-weekly between the two islands, particularly residents in the Emerald Isle who frequent Antigua for shopping and other business purposes.

The vessel will also cater to persons travelling for tourism purposes, with a number of day tour services from Monserrat to Antigua and Nevis; travel from Antigua to Nevis or vice versa – with a short stayover in Montserrat – could also form part of the mofferings.

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