JAICC and Mango Errands Partner On Sponsor a Student Project

JAICC and Mango Errands Partner On  Sponsor a Student Project

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The Jamaican American International Chamber of Commerce (JAICC) of Atlanta, in partnership with Mango Errands, is excited to announce that we have created a Sponsor a Student project. This project is for the school year, September 2021-2022.
Our ultimate goal is to sponsor at least 40 students across Jamaica who need finance for tuition, uniforms, electronic devices, meals, and transportation. In addition, the students who will benefit from this program include those who are struggling academically and who are preparing for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exams as well as the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE).
Marcia Parker, President, JAICC, Atlanta.
Marcia Parker, President, JAICC, Atlanta.

JAICC aims to solicit business owners and individuals in the Jamaican Diaspora to give back positively to students in Jamaica. Support will build and continue sponsors’ brand, increase sponsors’ profile, build their client base, cultivate relationships, and increase visibility, to name a few benefits. 

Mango Errands is based in New York and is a Jamaican-led Company that facilitates and provides a platform where funds will be securely transferred to banks for tuition to stores to purchase books. For example, Sangster’s Book Store or other stores to buy uniforms, electronic devices, and more. The JAICC and Mango Errands have formed a partnership to help as many students as possible. 
A list of students is curated from teachers, counselors, and children’s organizations. Sponsors will be encouraged to select from this list but will also have the opportunity to select students from their communities of choice. A Coordinator will be available to assist parents, guardians, and students as they receive their gifts and answer questions that may arise about the program. 
For those interested in sponsoring a student back to school in our Sponsor a Student Project, please visit the JAICC and Mango Errands’ websites at www.jaicc.info and www.mangoerrands.com

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