JAMAICA | Robinson wants Gov’t to mediate dispute with tablet supplier

JAMAICA | Robinson wants Gov’t to mediate dispute with tablet supplier
By WiredJA
KINGSTON, Jamaica, October 16, 2020: Opposition spokesperson on Technology, Julian Robinson, has renewed his call for the Government to engage in mediation with tablet device provider GeoTech, who brought in 19,000 tablets which the Government had labelled defective and not meeting their specifications.

Mr Robinson’s call comes against the background that the very same tablets are being sold commercially on the local market and are currently being used by many public schools.

The technology spokesman said, “It is absolutely ridiculous that the Government has refused to engage in mediation and has allowed 19,000 tablets to sit idly in a warehouse while thousands of students cannot access online education because they have no devices.”  

Mr Robinson said the Government’s effort in removing the GCT from these devices would make them more affordable to parents and he has recommended this be pursued as a policy option to ease the burden and lessen the frustration many parents are experiencing, especially those with multiple school-aged children.

The PNP’s spokesman on Technology is calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to intervene in this dispute to alleviate the crisis in our educational sector, where over 400,000 students have no access to education.

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