Raymond J. McGuire: A Contender for the 2021 New York City Mayoral Race

Raymond J. McGuire: A Contender for the 2021 New York City Mayoral Race

Raymond J. McGuire, also known as Ray McGuire, is a husband, a father, an accomplished businessman, and a contender in the crowded 2021 race to see who will be elected the next mayor of New York City. The 64-year-old African American male from Dayton, Ohio, was raised by a single mother and grandparents. During an exclusive interview with Caribbean American Weekly, Raymond J. McGuire stated, “…I know what it’s like not to have, I know what it’s like when your mom has to go from paycheck to paycheck and decide whether or not she’s going to pay rent or pay the utility bill.” McGuire shares that he never knew the identity of his biological father. However, despite his humble beginnings, McGuire has an Ivy League Harvard University education, conquered Wall Street as an investment banker, and is said to be worth an estimated value of $20million, according to public data reports.

Unique Ability & Life Story
Although Raymond McGuire does not have any prior political experience, he does not view his lack of political experience as a hindrance. “I have the unique ability to pull this city together and lead us forward,” stated McGuire during the interview. McGuire expressed the factors that would contribute to his ability to function well as the next mayor of New York City. Factors such as his lived experiences, the relationships he’s been able to build in business, and his ability to manage large budgets. The former CitiGroup executive revealed, “I am running because of my life story. New York needs economic recovery. McGuire hopes that his journey from struggle to prominent global businessman will help voters see he is the best person to move the city forward in the right direction. “The management experience I have, the relationships are going to be critical here, and the vision; that gives me a different perspective than those playing the same old political games,” expressed Raymond McGuire.

“As I look ahead to what’s going to be needed here, I know how to tackle the big challenges with high stakes because my business career required it,” said McGuire.

McGuire’s mayoral campaign’s considerable emphasis is focused on economic recovery and the need to create jobs in New York City. McGuire is hopeful that focusing on the city’s economic comeback, along with his experience as an investment banker and building wealth, will make him a candidate who can connect with voters of various races, cultures, and ethnicities of different ages and incomes levels. “I’m going after the Black, Latino, and White, Asian voters, voters of all ages in every neighborhood, of every income level with my message,” stated McGuire.

Although McGuire is clearly most confident in his banking experience and ability to build wealth to attract voters to him and his message, he has addressed multiple community issues during his campaign. During his exclusive interview, McGuire stated that the significant issues affecting New York City at this time are “…Covid, the economy, and racial and religious segregation.”

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During various interviews with the press, McGuire describes himself as a strong supporter of education and wants to see school-aged children in New York City return to the school buildings. He also discussed the need for a comprehensive plan to create affordable housing and prevent evictions, as well as the need for “…policing that is respectful, accountable, and proportionate.”

During his interview with Caribbean American Weekly, McGuire discussed his economic recovery plan for New York City, called “Go Big, Go Small, Go Forward.” He said, “this is a plan for Black and Brown people, for all people.” He also discussed his plans to focus on education and small businesses, the need to put money back into small businesses, and the need to create more jobs, affordable housing, and make broadband accessible for all.  

Listen to an interview with Ray McGuire on “Running for NYC Mayor” below:

Does Raymond J. McGuire have what it takes to win the 2021 mayoral race? 
If Raymond McGuire were elected the next mayor of New York City, he would be the second African-American male to hold the position. Not since the 1990s, when the late Honorable David Dinkins was in office, there was an African-American in that position. There are 3 African-Americans, including McGuire, in this packed competition to see who will be elected the next mayor of New York City.

Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, has given her endorsement to the McGuire campaign. Ms. Carr stated that she feels Raymond J. McGuire is the best person for mayor because he “…would know how to get things done,” said Carr.

The McGuire campaign has also received endorsements from some celebrities, athletes, and Assembly Members Vivian Cook and Robert Rodriguez. “All that has to happen between now and June is more people getting to know and meet Ray”, said Assemblymember Robert Rodriguez to the press.

Director Spike Lee, actors Samuel L. Jackson and Steve Martin, to name a few, have publicly endorsed McGuire. Big-time celebrities and hip-hop artists, including Sean “Jay-Z” Carter, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Nasir “Nas” Jon, as well as Steve Stoute, former record executive, have publicly announced their endorsements for McGuire. Former Run DMC Rapper Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons also announced his endorsement of McGuire.

Each of these artists has also made their mark with business ventures outside of their hip hop careers. Collectively, they said that McGuire was the candidate of choice because of his leadership ability. They described McGuire as the type of leader New York City needs for its comeback during interviews. During his campaign, McGuire has focused on showing himself as the most skilled candidate to lead New York City’s economic recovery. McGuire hopes these endorsements help demonstrate his ability to relate to Black voters on more than just a business level and broaden his appeal to Black voters.

Chairman of the Democratic Party, Representative Gregory W. Meeks, also endorsed McGuire. McGuire’s supporters see the endorsement from Meeks as a major win and hope it will help voters gain confidence in choosing Raymond J. McGuire as the next mayor of New York City. When asked about his thoughts concerning McGuire’s low performance in early polls, Meeks said, “This is the beginning…I refer everyone back to eight years ago. At that time, Bill de Blasio was nowhere on a polling site.” Raymond J. McGuire remains hopeful he can be the one to replace New York City’s Mayor, Bill De Blasio.

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