Unlocking the Tourism Potential of Wilton’s Yard

Unlocking the Tourism Potential of Wilton’s Yard

The Saint Lucia Hospitality and Tourism Association (SLHTA) has official unveiled the Wilton’s Yard Cultural Enhancement Project.

Funded by the SLHTA’s Tourism Enhancement Fund, the project is aimed at uplifting the community and unlocking its tourism potential through bespoke tours.

The project involved the beautification of the area, renovation of buildings and the establishment of a children’s playground. Residents will also receive training in Customer Service and Financial Literacy.

The Chief Executive Officer of the SLHTA Noorani Azeez posted on his Facebook page that “Over the past few months, we toiled long and hard, undertaking lots of infrastructural works to boost confidence and lift spirits as we ready this community for tourism dollars.

The next few months will see us working to develop entrepreneurs, tour guides, musical and performing arts talent, to enrich this cultural and historic tour”.

Mr. Azeez, also an Independent Senator went on to add “Our inner cities have much to offer our tourism industry and today we made good on our pledge to work side by side with them, for their enrichment. I am proud to be an SLHTA team member!”

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