You Are Beautiful! Act Like It!

You Are Beautiful! Act Like It!

By Tarsha Gibbons

Hello again, this is Tarsha Gibbons, your lead stylist for everything fashion, color, and fun. Today let’s talk about not liking your body. There seems to be a shared way of thinking among many women, no matter their size. Your body belongs to you, and it is beautiful, no matter the shape of your body parts. You literally have to tell yourself daily, “I am great just the way I am.” The reason why is because you cannot separate your body from yourself so, if you think that way about your body, you feel that way of yourself. No Bueno! You are a Rockstar, and You deserve better!! Find that part you like and make it dazzle. It can be your hair, your eyes, nails, cheekbones, calves, whatever it is, play it up. 

I have been told that I have nice legs, so you know what? Dresses and heels for the win. My motto is, “Dress the body you are in a while creating the image you want.” Embrace what you got. When you start to think differently, you will begin to see yourself differently. That is all. It takes a little change in perspective. Did you know a positive attitude helps to propel you to the results you want? Darlin, your best days are ahead of you. Do not compare yourself to others or the “where I should be thought” in your head.  Comparison is the thief of joy. Please do me a favor, be amazing no matter what current state your body is in and take these tips with you 😊

Legs – if you love them, as I mentioned earlier, dresses and heels for the win.

Arms – Short sleeve shirts, fitted button-down shirts, tank tops with beautiful bracelets to draw attention to them

Eyes – Mascara, beautiful eye shadow, colored eyeliner, and SLEEP

Waistline – To enhance it, an A-line dress, a cute belt, high waisted pants, crop top. To hide it – Jersey knit material shirts and dresses, wrap dresses, leggings, and pretty-long sweaters and let’s not forget our friend, SPANX 😊

Neckline – Beautiful jewelry, low neckline shirt, strapless dress, earrings that dangle, and a push-up bra never hurt anybody!

Just a few tips to get you started: You are BEAUTIFUL!! Start acting like it.

Friends, ROCK YOUR DAY!! Until next time.  


Tarsha Gibbons

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