Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States

Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States

Some people will describe him as conservative-liberal. Others will say he is the socialist-minded Brooklyn-born, New –Yorker turned Vermont senator with a great sense of humor. Among other circles, he is to them, a man with the right amount of Republican ideologies balanced out with the right measure of Democratic values, a rare combination but of great necessity in the run for America’s highest leadership position. Bernie Sanders is not a newbie in the political arena, with records of over 24 years’ experience as a politician in his resume. Noted for his stance on issues of social-welfare, tax, environmental issues (mainly climate change and veterans and renewable energy), he sponsored several bills and amendments related to these issues as a Senator. Sanders is a great leader, with the rare quality of unbiased, critical thinking, likes to listen as well as debate issues, and has been described by some as a good negotiator. Among his contemporaries, he has a rating of over 80% and is well-loved as a Senator by members of his constituency despite misgivings by critics with opposing views.

Accomplishment as a Mayor 

He is not just all talk and no action; some of his achievements as the mayor of Burlington for eight years(1981-1989) attest to these virtues. He is acknowledged as one of the first mayors to have a foreign policy and astute money management skills. Sanders grew Burlington’s economy into an enviable entity by offering technical assistance to start-up entrepreneurs and establishing trade associations; raised taxes on business created necessary institutions like the women and youth councils and financed training for women. Burlington became one of America’s best places to live and do business. 

He became recognized as one of the top 20 mayors in 1987 due to his practical ideas on affordable housing and property tax. Especially with the establishment of the first municipal housing land –trust in 1984, this award-winning project is now a model in history for others around the world.

Senatorial Accomplishment

Senator Sander’s, more than seven times, has been elected to serve in the House of Representatives by the state of Vermont. As a serving member of the House of Representatives, he has worked and proven himself right for the job by delivering results according to his job description. For example, his unequivocal support for bills and amendments that addresses issues of social welfare specifically in the reduction of cost of college, fighting corporate welfare, increasing winter heating funds for the poor. Sander’s role in supporting energy efficiency and conservation grant program resulted in passing it into law and obtaining over $3 billion grant for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. 

 His service on several committees resulted in the presentation of bills that favor veteran’s affairs, the climate, health-care, and Children, including issues on the scope of treatment under military care. His role in the Affordable Care Act enabled over 9 million Americans to have access to free health treatment, provision of scholarships, and loan repayment for health care workers who practice in underserved communities. Notably, his role in the Act resulted in the expansion of the federally qualified community health centers, by obtaining funding of over $12 billion for the program that now serves more than 20 million Americans. As the chairman of a committee that oversees the Senate Veteran’s Affairs, he succeeded in stopping the cut in the Social Security and disabled veterans’ benefits, saving the lives of millions of Americans. He promoted the signing of legislation that created registries for cancer programs that is operational in all 50 states in America through a bill he proposed in 1992. 

National Impact – Link between Personal History, Accomplishments and his run for President of the United States of America 

Bernie Sanders is a wise, thorough, and effective leader proven by the years of results. His varied experiences in different roles spiced by political losses and gains have molded him into a man of exceptional skills and character. During his youth, he served as an organizer on issues of race, such as the Congress of Racial Equality and the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, which gave him clarity of the complexity of the American nation. As the man who led in Chicago, the first Act of civil rights sit-in to protest segregated housing and the man who participated in the Martin Luther King CivilRights March, this former professor of political science is more than qualified to lead America at this point. His promise of transformational change, targeted at the majority in the lowest socio-economic class, is a crucial necessity for a deeply polarised country. 

America needs a man that will stand by his words, to the American people that he is for the majority, the working people of America and not for a select few, the 1%. 

 America needs someone who can get the American people to become involved and take an active part in their future by participating in politics without fear of retaliation through self-driven policies, someone who can get things done, by getting all involved  

America needs a president at this point who is not compromised by funding from gun, oil, drug, or Wall Street. America needs a president who is a true leader, willing to negotiate, and get all to a table to discuss the creation and building of a country that works for everyone. America needs Bernie Sanders for President.

Given all of the above and more, we are proud to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States in the November 2020 elections.

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